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  1. 401kmaster says:

    only in a brokerage …
    only in a brokerage bundled plan my plan is less than million cost 360 year total

  2. boldtlev says:

    Small company …
    Small company 401k’s tend to be expensive, not from the owner’s ignorance, but because there isn’t much money there so they lack economies of scale.

    There are fixed costs to running a 401k in addition to investment expenses — primarily recordkeeping, audit, legal, and compliance-testing. With larger plans, these fees are fairly small per participant and are covered by plan revenues. With smaller plans, either the company or the participants have to foot the bill.

  3. momofcleo says:

    take a math class, …
    take a math class, ever heard of compound interest

  4. yougotzd says:

    Like you said, your …
    Like you said, your math is rusty.

  5. shinya4097 says:


  6. shinya4097 says:


  7. shinya4097 says:

    My math may be a …
    My math may be a little rusty,but I just can’t see how you would make $419,008 putting $5000 in a 401k for 30years even with earning 6% on it.

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