25 Responses to “401K Plan Americans have been conditioned to LOSE!”

  1. Lingerfoot says:

    @MrPsalm141 – Why …
    @MrPsalm141 – Why do you say that everone’s 401k will be worth 0 soon? I don’t understand.

  2. indigo11274 says:

    My 403b(401k) is …
    My 403b(401k) is invested in a 100% secured account, with a GUARANTEED interest rate of 8.25%. Another reason why New York State will go bankrupt 🙂 I think there is something seriously wrong with that, but oh well.

  3. ZaphedBeebleBrox says:

    why dont you point …
    why dont you point the finger to the fuking jew that runs your country.

  4. 407buddy says:

    I wouldn’t be a bit …
    I wouldn’t be a bit surprised they will shutdown YouTube and likewise public media as wel as harass and intimidate those broadcasting real topics and issues. What’s next, the militarization of our society and fascism?

    My main concern in America is the blatant lying, the deceptions and unethical mean spirited culture that has prevailed in the media, Gov’t and “private” business sectors. If we don’t return to a sense common fairness and ethical behavior, we as a “civilized” nation are doomed.

  5. Dean0000007 says:

    I’d love to have …
    I’d love to have the problem of having higher taxes, it would mean I’m rich and I’ve benefitted off a broken corrupt system.

  6. geriatricguru says:

    401k’s were set up …
    401k’s were set up around 80 or so, and was just another ponzi scheme to skim money from every one, imo. Fees…turnover of each time they buy another stock for your fund or sell one, and losses that are all yours, imo. LOL.

  7. amcanmike says:

    WHAT TO DO ???
    WHAT TO DO ???

  8. ScubaSteve1974 says:

    I forgot to …
    I forgot to conclude my message because I was concentrating on complying with YouTube’s asinine 500 character limit, but the moral of my rant is that I made the decision to cash out of my 401(k) because I was afraid that even with the penalty I’d still be better off than allowing that wealth to exist based on how long the government would allow me to keep it. Plus, my income for ’09 was next to nill (literally) so if I was going to do it, then a year with low income was the best time to do it.

  9. Romulan112 says:

    401 k are a good …
    401 k are a good idea. They are a good supplemental investments or savings accounts geared for us during the time we retire. the problem is, is that companies are using them ‘AS’ pensions which is wrong.

  10. owningyourfinances says:

    If we arrest …
    If we arrest participants of ponzi schemes – which is a scheme to steal people’s money for your own purposes under the assumption of investing it – then why haven’t we arrested those responsible for the ponzi scheme we call “social security”? I’m not a vigilante, but why shouldn’t we hold people responsible? They’re only people!! They can answer.

  11. mcap52 says:

    That might be what …
    That might be what it takes for people to wipe the dust off their “pitchforks”.

  12. ScubaSteve1974 says:

    I had a 401(k) …
    I had a 401(k) because it made sense: instead of losing 1/3 of that income to taxes I could invest it and use it when I hit 65. The truth is, for me in my 30s, there’s a lot of time for the government to change the rules and screw me.

    Best case scenerio: I make it to 65 and the tax rates will “only” be 60%-70%.

    Worst case scenerio: the government or currency collapses in that time.

    Most likely: The government will raise income taxes and raid 401(k) accounts to away on pork.

  13. MrPsalm141 says:

    Soon everybody’s …
    Soon everybody’s 401 will be worth 0.

  14. polarbeach says:

    and if that is the …
    and if that is the case wouldn’t zero debt and cash be king not commodities/precious metals. Considering the standard currency doesn’t completely disappear that is ?

  15. polarbeach says:

    I understand that …
    I understand that increasing credit and money supply causes inflation and that even if the reserve currency status ends and money flows back into the country that hyper-inflation is very possible, but even with the printing presses smoking won’t the money supply still decrease when the market housing/stock crashes again. What I am trying to say is won’t in nominal terms money disappear faster than being created causing deflation ? not inflation ? thanks

  16. bitterclinger70 says:

    F*** Dick Army!
    F*** Dick Army!

  17. visionvictory says:

    some of them are …
    some of them are like 6%

  18. visionvictory says:


  19. visionvictory says:

    thx for the heads up
    thx for the heads up

  20. cankorgbr says:

    go vote for Peter …
    go vote for Peter Shiff’s performance in his debate this evening at courant (dot) com!!

  21. aceyorba says:

    typical calif. …
    typical calif. public pension.. invest 100K OVER 30 YEARS

  22. TimTrimT says:

    November 2008, I …
    November 2008, I liquidated my 401k – just before the worst of the stock drop.

    If you don’t watch your 401k every minute of your life like a hawk, you will lose money. (Adjusted to price inflation / dollar devaluation) And when the hammer drops on the economy you will not be able to convert your 401k to anything that can buy you food.

    So in 2008 my 401k paid off debt, and I have enjoyed lower interest payments since. THAT was a wise investment as it’s allowed more silver and gold purchases.

  23. lostprophet912 says:

    I bet that 90% plus …
    I bet that 90% plus of investors would be shocked if they knew how much in management fees they paid to their mutual funds.

  24. brotherjupiter says:

    There shoud be a …
    There shoud be a whole lot of people in jail who made their fortunes off the SEC loop holes that enabled a out of control unenforced naked shorting attack that took the DOW down 60+ % one year ago.
    Ever wonder where organized crime disapeared to?
    Just lift the sewer covers on Wall Sreet.

  25. Anett7373 says:

    VV- You are right …
    VV- You are right on! it’s a losers game. The 401 K maze is a joke- all of the money experts on tv with books and a following- repeat the same diatribe over and over- max out your 401 k- but we KNOW that saving dollars means losing money . No one wants to buck “accepted wisdom” – besides currently employed people are forbidden to withdraw cash while they are at the job.

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