13 Responses to “Croft and 401k”

  1. ccctripodccc says:

    GREAT vid!! Best …
    GREAT vid!! Best Buy is like a movie on its own.

  2. TV3ISC says:


  3. iloveFMA says:

    LoL that was filmed …
    LoL that was filmed at my mom store

  4. fetussoap says:

    When you get up …
    When you get up from being slapped at the end, you put your right hand on your right cheek, even though you were slapped on your left cheek. This video is awesome.

  5. dirtyc34 says:

    you’re a dork.
    you’re a dork.

  6. alternativequizshell says:

    I don’t know why …
    I don’t know why but this is the funniest youtubevideo yes one word, I have ever seen.

  7. fetussoap says:

    My old job matched …
    My old job matched 5% and did the $0.50.

  8. rockstallion says:

    this is amazing
    i …

    this is amazing
    i miss smiff

  9. petesoloway says:

    I have no idea who …
    I have no idea who you people are but that was a much better result than I expected to find when searching YouTube for the phrase “401k” on a whim.

  10. Coolhandmark says:

    ok that was friggin …
    ok that was friggin hilarious

  11. mrob7 says:

    nice job ryan …
    nice job ryan hahaha this video always cracks me up

  12. SilvaGaidin says:

    All Hail Best Buy!

    All Hail Best Buy!

    -Store 566

  13. fatmulletkid says:


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