4 Responses to “Plan for Your Retirement with a 401K”

  1. southernmale42 says:

    Do you have a 401K Retirement plan with your Employer that is stock based?
    If so, then Obama’s plan of raising the Capital Gains Tax will affect the buying of stocks. What happens to the Market and YOUR Stock based 401K(which is what 95 percent of 401K is based on) when Obama is elected? Do the math and cancel enrollment in your 401K if Obama is elected.

  2. enoriverbend says:

    You are overreacting considerably.

    It is not that I like raising the cap gains tax, nor do I particularly like Obama (or McCain).

    But the impact of raising the cap gains tax according to Obama’s current policy statement will not result in the market tanking.
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  3. Grumple says:

    I dont think it will be that bad. I think long term cap gains are taxed at 15%, if it moved up a couple percent I would not be happy but could live with it.
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  4. src50 says:

    You don’t pay capital gains tax on transactions within a 401(k) or IRA.
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