25 Responses to “solution for the economy ( Max Keiser ) 401k pension funds nationalization recession depression”

  1. theabomation says:

    That is when …
    That is when revolution happens…@gosciu555

  2. DirtyVegas7 says:

    This country is …
    This country is going to end up just like Zimbabwe needing 200 Quadrillion dollars just for a loaf of bread…fuckin stupid.

    WAKE UP America and start buying Silver and Gold and stock up on food before it’s too late.

  3. gosciu555 says:

    How can the …
    How can the consumer save WHEN HE DOESN”T HAVE A JOB? Also how can the consumer save when they have gone and busted his union and driven down wages? How can the consumer save when HE DOESN”T HAVE JOB BECAUSE THE US HAS BEEN DE-INDUSTRIALIZED? The meat and polatoes of any economy is PRODUCTION, the productivity of labor, the efficiency of large scale, high intensity production. We also need to get rid of this culture of usury and debt which is of course fermented by the banks and CC comps.

  4. gosciu555 says:

    How did Roosevelt …
    How did Roosevelt screw the public? You mean when they tried to get the dollar on a gold standard? They dropped that later when they went to the Bretton Woods system. Anyhow, the value of any currency is backed by the total productive power of the nation.

  5. doctorofghetto says:

    From my perspective …
    From my perspective, If Congress and Presidency from 1913 can easily transmit financial power to The Federal Reserve, these braches can do the same even in these troubled times.

    Congress can make taxes, President can help in vetoing the Fed, if they were not totally corrupt.

  6. dnwndls says:

    Would that be …
    Would that be harder to do then what has alrady been done

  7. doctorofghetto says:

    I wish that was …
    I wish that was possible, but our money supply has to either contract and/or be backed up with some secondary value. Ever since the Great Depression, Franklin Roosevelt screwed the public out of full access to precious metals.

  8. dnwndls says:

    How about if we …
    How about if we just dropped the price of everything.

  9. KhmerD0g says:

    they are
    they are

  10. exxxxxxxx says:

    are max and stacey …
    are max and stacey lovers?

  11. brizzlie says:

    Do you know who Max …
    Do you know who Max Keiser is?!

    The dude is a mad genius! This is how he talks. But if he wants to hit the sauce before he gives me advice, so long as he keeps dishing out these quality nuggets, I’m cool with it!

  12. davincij15 says:

    Ya dude if you had …
    Ya dude if you had gold you would find someone to give you a a few Quadrillions in Zimbabwe. But there is no official price.

    It’s like what’s the price of the Mona Lisa? It’s priceless.
    Again if you had it you could find someone to sell it to for a price.

  13. kensho3 says:

    DJ, you’re busted, …
    DJ, you’re busted, buddy. Why are you telling everyone to buy gold and silver on your site?

  14. saveurhomeplease says:

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  15. kolarshooter says:

    Lay off the wine …
    Lay off the wine before you folks record your next “episode” of your financial recommendations…

  16. CRAPCANNONS says:



    That’s the third film he’s forgetting mention.

    It should be required viewing for K-12!

  17. eysi0072 says:

    sure just like all …
    sure just like all the biggest banks;)

  18. mrcool011 says:

    Anything can, but …
    Anything can, but overall its one of the best choices. Nothing is sound, but some things are more sound then others like gold.

    All sound economics point to gold going higher, but at the very least gold is a good hedge against inflation.

  19. dave777blaster says:

    gold can crash hard …
    gold can crash hard over night but you wont hear it from these guys.

  20. hemvee says:

    what about GLD?
    what about GLD?

  21. davincij15 says:

    Yes like Zimbabwe …
    Yes like Zimbabwe gold will have no price because what price is gold when no one will sell to you for dollars…


    But hey if you have Euros or Yen we can talk.

  22. kelix60 says:

    Great god on this …
    Great god on this youtube movie!!!

  23. kelix60 says:

    deflation?…are …
    deflation?…are you out of you tree?…Gold COME may crash but gold will not…Gold?Silver are world wide in value…LOLO…Gold to zero….Im sure it will drop on the comex but hold on when the comex bull*&^% is all done…Up…up and away!!!!

  24. taineasy says:

    Citibank and well …
    Citibank and well as many top international investors are forecasting gold at $2000 in 2009. US housing market will continue to fall as the Option ARM and ALT-A mortgages reset from 2009-2011. Inflation(an increse in the money supply) is already underway.

  25. taineasy says:

    With so many …
    With so many currencies on weak legs and debt levels in the stratosphere there are not may options going forward. Owning some gold is like having an insurance policy on your wealth. Most of the top name international investors are holding some gold. The upside far outweighs the downside, especially if the dollar is devalued or if inflation rears up.

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