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  1. Maxxleo9 says:

    Having a 401K plan …
    Having a 401K plan or not, you would like to see this report.

  2. ZaphedBeebleBrox says:

    jews guys jews.. …
    jews guys jews.. they suck your blood.

  3. knowledgePeace says:

    Stealing is wrong. …
    Stealing is wrong. But as long as it is written in a contract, hidden behind legal jargon and laced with the ideal of “individual responsibility”; it’s not stealing, it’s capitalism.

    Hey, it worked for the Native Americans.

    Now let’s continue robbing hardworking Americans. After all, they should’ve read the fine print.

  4. mrbriguy78 says:

    11:04 is comedy …
    11:04 is comedy gold. Hilarious – but pathetic.

    This lobbyist is just a sacrificial lamb for a financial “services” (code for screw job) industry solely designed to fleece the “average” 401K investor.

    Sadly, the “average” 401K investor could tell you the last 3 American Idol winners or Super Bowl Champions in their sleep. But if their life depended on it they couldn’t name ONE of the toxic mutual funds devouring their 401K right now.

    401Ks, Madoff, Social Security – what’s the difference?

  5. TheG00dNews says:


    The …

    The Kingdom of God is the expression of Jehovahs universal sovereignty toward his creatures, or the means used by him to express that sovereignty. This term is used particularly to designate the manifestation of Gods sovereignty through the royal government headed by his Son, Jesus Christ. Kingdom may refer to the rulership of the one anointed as King or to the earthly realm ruled by that heavenly government.

  6. tinfoilcap says:

    I would be curious …
    I would be curious to know how many of these older investors are in equities. If you’re nearing your retirement <10 years, you shouldn’t be in emerging markets small caps. Its not like we’ve never seen market downturns in the past.

  7. whovian1979 says:

    Keep in mind that …
    Keep in mind that with all this finger pointing, it is the Government – politicians in Washington – that created this problem by creating the 401K industry. They are the ones standing behind, regulating, monitoring, and sanctioning this industry.

  8. BuyNotesWithYour401K says:

    This is one of the …
    This is one of the reasons. People need to be educated about options and alternatives. The Banks, Wall Street, and etc. do not want people to know or understand. That they can pool there 401K, pensions, IRA together with friends, associates, and family that are like minded and take control of there life savings. You have alternatives and Wall Street does not want you to understand this. FIRE Wall Street, and get educated. You have options. NoteBuyingWithYour401K,

  9. mtlsoul says:

    Hang the bankers …
    Hang the bankers and burn the banks

  10. Ruffian144 says:

    OK excessive fees …
    OK excessive fees are a problem, but these people’s failures to monitor & manage their 401k accounts played a role too. The stock market is so volatile that investment accounts must be checked at least weekly. And as people get closer to retirment age, a smaller portion of the 401k assets should be in equities & a larger portion in safer investments like bonds & stable income funds. I agree most 401k account owners need more education regarding managing their $.

  11. toublebruin says:

    Mutual fund …
    Mutual fund lobbyists think they have to be “truth tellers” and inform people that they probably won’t get their money back if they are over the age of 50….but they don’t want to be “truth tellers” when it comes to the number and size of the fees being taken out each year to line their pockets.

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