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  1. wqvsaa says:

    These 50-60 year …
    These 50-60 year olds who were planning to retire soon should have had their money in the fixed income/bond,MMA funds in their 401K. Far too many people just don’t understand simple investment 101. The nearer you are to retirement the less risk you take by placing more of your assets into bonds and less into stocks.

  2. nangaaparbat says:

    The lobbyist David …
    The lobbyist David Ray who himself is nearing the end of his career was a cold hearted son of a who didnt give a about the folks who lost their money.
    60 minutes does great work but they don’t challenge the idiots like this lobbyist so that they come clean and speak honestly.

  3. elvisincali says:

    You’re company is …
    You’re company is doing a great step in the right direction. With taxes earmarked for skyrocketing, the Tax Free Benefit of the Roth is essential. if you can do a Roth Fixed Indexed Annuity, that would be best. If not, remember “slow and steady wins the race”. Don’t risk and go for high returns.

  4. ladivadivala says:

    Thank you for this …
    Thank you for this video. My company just started a 401K Roth Plan. Do you know if that is any different than what is being talked about here?

  5. elvisincali says:

    If you invest in …
    If you invest in FIXED cash accumulation vehicles like Fixed Indexed Annuities, and Properly Structured Maximum Tax Advantaged Life Insurance Contracts, AND 412(e)(3) defined benefit pension plans, you can ABSOLUTELY GUARANTEE your principle, your interest, and your secure retirement. ABSOLUTELY ! Nice Job 60 Minutes ! 🙂

  6. DIJV79 says:

    I’m glad I cashed …
    I’m glad I cashed out my 401k alot of the older guys I work with have lost at least 50% of there retirement money. Giving your retirement money to wall street is gross negligence wake up ! people.

  7. love559kali says:

    This should be …
    This should be enough to scare anyone. I am glad I invest a IUL! If your watching this you should consider it as well. E-mail me for details!!!

  8. 112112paul says:

    Its better to …
    Its better to contribute to a 401K roth! Diverify, difversify is the key to sucess, americans, there are other options you can role your 401K acounts to.

  9. 401kmaster says:

    You our really …
    You our really missing it

  10. 401kmaster says:

    You guys still out …
    You guys still out missing it

  11. 401kmaster says:

    I provided this …
    I provided this story any questions i can help

  12. 401kmaster says:

    I provided this …
    I provided this story

  13. Anothercoilgun says:

    Its all …
    Its all bullshit.

  14. samwell5558 says:

    80% of 401k …
    80% of 401k participants do not change their portfolio selection from enrollment. BUY and HOLD has not worked for this decade. You need an active management option in your 401k that moves your money out of the market when it tanks! They are out there.

  15. dizzao says:

    there are penalites …
    there are penalites if you take out money from 401k before he reach 59 1/2. plus, when you do reach that age and retire, you still get tax.

  16. ropeman86 says:

    Then they should …
    Then they should put pressure on their 401k managers. Most at least have a capitol preservation option, similar to cash. At one former employer, we not only forced better fund options, we made the employer dump the current provider.

  17. iralell says:

    Most 401ks don’t …
    Most 401ks don’t allow you to move into cash. Idiot.

  18. ropeman86 says:

    Why do people stay …
    Why do people stay in funds that drop so much money? Duh. Cycle out of the and into cash, don’t just shut your eyes.

  19. hacker123456780 says:

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