3 Responses to “The Truth Behind Hidden Fees in 401(k) Plans (Part 2/3)”

  1. rokitjon says:

    @lit26 Actually …
    @lit26 Actually everyone loses because the inflation rate lowers the value of the dollar.Putting your money in the bank gives you nearly nothing in interest,and as you’ve seen,any other scheme to beat inflation has ended up robbing investors big time.The system is rigged all the way around – with the help of the government.

  2. lit26 says:

    great information! …
    great information! i am 27 and ahve always 2nd thought 401 k but if amaricans were strong and could just save money on their own we would not need 401k. its all a scam. its liek the lottery, some win many lose

  3. beermangary says:

    time to string up …
    time to string up all the fat cats.

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