7 Responses to “The Truth Behind Hidden Fees in 401(k) Plans (Part 3/3)”

  1. UWLstudent says:

    I guess that we all …
    I guess that we all need to put our money in our matresses and have absolutely no chance of growing our retirement savings.

  2. jnnycliff says:

    Go to live in China …
    Go to live in China or some other country in Asia, enjoy your retirement life. My grandpa live with $1200/month and he support 8 people family in china. that’s call life

  3. gradius55 says:

    i guess if you can …
    i guess if you can get a company match, that will pay for the fees?

  4. dragonrides says:

    The market …
    The market performance is random-crash is specifically designed NOT to pay the retirees and keep them in the workforce for more taxes and control of their money. We are right on time for first generation of withdrawal-coincident?

    The financial industry, who we already paid ton of money to sustain their 6-digit pay, charges fees to rip us all off everyday, locks us out of the access to OUR money. I’m not going to hope that my own 11 years, when I am 59.5~70.5, falls in a bull market: OUT NOW!

  5. l0ge062 says:

    I agree but …
    I agree but remember, that’s only the investment management fee your talking about. The wrap fee “revenue sharing fee” as the video termed it, is still placed on top of each investment. Although an ETF may have low expenses, insist that the trustee on your 401(k) plan let you know what the total fees are on your existing plan. If the wrap fee + admin + 12b1 charges + account fees are more that 1% of the total plan assets; it’s an expensive 401(k) plan that your company is sponsoring.

  6. equityinsgroup says:

    insist on a 401k …
    insist on a 401k plan that offers ETF’s.

    Why will you not see it? Very low expense

  7. arcdex says:

    Thanks for posting …
    Thanks for posting this! More people need to watch this AND watch the mutual fund companies very, very closely.

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