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  1. aleon1018 says:

    After FBOPcorp …
    After FBOPcorp falied last October, I haven’t received anything as to whether or not my 401k was wiped out. Now when I do a google search, it seems as if google is also cleaned out of related information, even on my basic question in general.

    I should have atleast received ‘something’ from my former employer either way as well. But I’ve also been in La La land in denial it even happened, clinging to a statement delusion.

    Now that it’s time for a statement in the mail….still nothing.

  2. endlessmountain says:

    30 year olds …
    30 year olds cashing out are geniuses now with the casino market at yearly highs trading with a currency fiat and some scary times ahead for what should soon be the former reserve currency.

    For Financial advisers are not doing that great of jobs now by investing in paper and not real assets like gold, silver (not casino stocks). You dont see many of these firms taking prophecy into consideration by getting mass PUTS on everyones 401ks because of their own interests it seems.

  3. robert21256 says:

    Why do people …
    Why do people expect continuous 10% returns on their quarterly statements? It doesn’t work that way. It never has.
    I work around 30 year old people are cashing out.
    Thirty Year old people who are 30 years away from retiring. It boggles my mind. They’ll probably start it up again when turns around and cash out again at 45 when we have another “cycle”. They’ll work until they are 80 and warn people about the perils of 401k participation.

  4. ulturn says:

    Robert Kiyosaki – ” …
    Robert Kiyosaki – “Rich Dad’s prophecy” book. The smartest advice from the worlds best selling author and investor.

  5. buzzz121 says:

    1) How do I get in …
    1) How do I get in touch with those guys to invest my 401K with?
    2) will they meet me in a dark alley to do the deal?

  6. mrbankalot says:

    fuck stocks, play …
    stocks, play poker! online is the way to go.. ive banked 120 k in 1 year thats how we do

  7. kaos3124 says:

    “What should I do …
    “What should I do with my 401K?”

    Me,…….. I’ve already done it. ……….I increased my contributions to 20% (the max I’m allowed to contribute)

    Do what you want….. Panic ……whatever you want to do. Stuff it in a sack and horde water and ramen noodles. Talk to me in 20 years.

  8. gatorrebel1970 says:

    Pull out of it …
    Pull out of it totally, buy a fireproof safe or just use a jar in the backyard. This government, along with the media, are rapidly becoming the enemy of Americans. I saw yesterday where American soldiers are refusing to deploy because they say Obama is Legitimate. Thats huge news, though nobody mentions it except FOX. This country will totally fail within 5 years.

  9. thoughtchallenge says:

    I blame 401K plans …
    I blame 401K plans for the bubbles (’98/99 and 07-09).
    Many of the plans are investmed in numerous stocks. The 401K planners will tell you to diversify and this is part of their strategy. The opposite is true in my opinion, get focused.

    Read an article everyday on each stock in your 401K plan. If you don’t have time to do that then sell off enough so that you can. This will enable you to better keep track of your investment.

    Please Note: I do not have any stocks or bonds.

  10. whiskerchild says:

    Good vid
    Good vid

  11. schuh69maas says:

    watch south park
    watch south park

  12. UVpirate says:

    What is this ” …
    What is this “jewgold” and why has nobody told me!? Is that the next bubble?

  13. mc22cata says:


  14. endlessmountain says:

    1 – Gold and Silver …
    1 – Gold and Silver mining stocks I prefer over most stocks.

    2 – Nothing surprises me anymore, and bankruns (bank holidays) are not out of question.

    I hope your 60% is real metals or you have some real ones.

  15. imcontraire says:

    I have about 10k in …
    I have about 10k in my 401k in silver/gold mining stock and mutual funds. My questions are:
    1) Would you expect these to gain value once the dollar really slides or inflation kicks in–so hold them
    2) Do you believe Obama may nationalize the 401k’s and make it difficult to get our money out– if you do how long would you wait before turning it into cash and into tangilble precious metals/food
    I already have an investment of %60 into precious metals of my total investments

  16. schuh69maas says:

    “I want your …
    “I want your Jewgold”

  17. BlastinTrex says:


  18. aaronlovespot says:

    What should I do …
    What should I do with my 401k plan? i think you should put it up you but then burn it.

  19. jamezbond78 says:

    I hate my 401k! I …
    I hate my 401k! I can’t even cash out of my 401k unless I quit my job and even then I would have to pay 35+% taxes and penalties. The 401k is another way the govt owns you.

  20. 234234234werrrrrrr says:

    You need jewgold.
    You need jewgold.

  21. DomainSuccess says:

    .. …

    …where did the 401k come from?

  22. DomainSuccess says:

    The title “401(k)” …
    The title “401(k)” references a section of the Internal Revenue Code. (wiki)

  23. m6996j says:

    have you seen …
    have you seen visionvictory channel. Or manoftruth chanel they are like you, in their explanation of this. love and peace mik

  24. imigrantpunk says:

    Great video, Derek. …
    Great video, Derek. I agree with all major point you are making.. but I think Money as Debt video is inaccurate (at least the the second part). Their solutions to the problem are statist and anti-free market. Free credit from the gov. just does not make sense. There must be some better videos about the monetary system…

  25. ardizd says:

    good video Derek, …
    good video Derek, thx.
    I suppose you subscribe to Bob Chapman right?

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