13 Responses to “Where Did My 401k Go?”

  1. doubleestark says:

    I saw my friend …
    I saw my friend with his swelled head talking to me about how he borrowed money at a low interest rate and made money OPM by investing in higher yeilding BMO Global Monthly Income fund, that it paid down his payments greater than his payment due was. He rubbed in the fact that I would have less to show for for working at Tim Hortons than he would be just signing some documents. All of the sudden, his units became half the value, and he was in 40,000 in debt with nothing to show for.

  2. HatefulGOD says:

    you have destroyed …
    you have destroyed these muffins dude… now you have completely nothing left. While you are working, dreaming and planning money managers and alike are robbing you blind ! Stock market is a deception created by thieves.

  3. HatefulGOD says:

    stock market – …
    stock market – produce nothing, steal from one another.

  4. ma7mood1988 says:


  5. 200092 says:

    He doesn’t …
    He doesn’t understand that the 401k is a long term investment and you need to invest in conservative stocks if you cannot handle the drastic changes. Also, his 45 year old golf retirement dream is a fantasy unless he has other investments since you cannot take money out of a 401k without a severe penalty of at least 30%.

  6. inthebluescrossroad says:

    we might have to …
    we might have to end up eating other people when the critters run out, 30, 000 rounds/ shotgun.

  7. GaryNull says:

    LOL . . we need to …
    LOL . . we need to find the homes of these bankers and kill them.

  8. optionmaestro says:

    Wow lol
    Wow lol

  9. Coffeeforevah says:

    Another thing my …
    Another thing my friend, maybe buy equipment that you can barter your time for goods and services. In my case I have floor finishing and carpet cleaning equipment, not that’s going to be in demand but who wants to live and work in filth, be smart and find something your good at that you as one person can service or build things to trade or barter with. Might be better to invest in yourself before markets and 401k’s in the near future

  10. Coffeeforevah says:

    All I can say is …
    All I can say is buy ammunition, rice beans, flour, baking powder, a fishing pole and lots of hooks bobbers and bait, and don’t forget the .22 cal rifle, you bought the 10,000 rounds of ammunition for. No you aren’t going to shoot people unless they threaten you, the ammunition is to eat critters and trade for toilet paper and other needs, in fact get 20,000 rounds of .22 shells. You might find that lead is more valuable than gold in the coming years

  11. optionmaestro says:

    Thank you
    Thank you

  12. jaingxu says:


  13. BAILOUTMONEY says:

    MONEY TO THE PEOPLE…… screw the stimulus plan or giving the bail out money to ANY Wall Street Co – Give the people the money, as they spend it it will fix economy, stop forclosures, get america out of debt, etc.
    PLEASE join my protest to the Bail out and answer 1 question on camera: “How would you spend $297,000 dollars?” – That is the amount of BAIL OUT money given to the people….C’MON AMERICA, JOIN US IN TELLING THE GOV HOW WE COULD FIX THIS ECONOMY!……. The Fight Isnt Over YET!!

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