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  1. vegasman7up says:

    Blade servers can they be set up were each blade is on its own network?
    It due cause we have a company that I will be presenting this to and would like to know. Can it also go over the next too?
    well we have like 20 different locations accross the country that are running on old unix boxs that is getting difficult to maintain. we currently and slowly updateing them to windows. With that we r doing with server towers in each location. I would like to bring the servers to one location but have them on different ip address. so like group one will stay group 1 and cannt see group 2 or feel the effects of what group 2 is doing if they slow down. then that brings me to another question. How big does the corp hq internet line need to be or do we need mutiple internet connection?

  2. Bite My Shiny Metal ...... says:

    If the each have a NIC, there is absolutely no reason that they cannot each be put on a separate network.
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  3. SwazooGuy says:

    Yes, they are still separate physical servers. You just need cable to each blade that connects to each separate network. I’m a little confused by your question, can you elaborate?
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