8 Responses to “Corporation Vs LLC (1 of 2)”

  1. getitbydahog says:

    this is truly the …
    this is truly the information age my friends

  2. keyfoodstore says:

    please keep the …
    please keep the vids coming. you really make it easy to understand for us non-accountants. good job!

  3. mmcgowan10 says:

    This was very good …
    This was very good and informative. Great job sir.

  4. MrJmk1976 says:

    hey kevin,

    good …
    hey kevin,

    good stuff man! very informative…..

  5. dingerboy22 says:

    Just what I was …
    Just what I was looking for – a quick easy to understand explanation of the corporation vs the LLC. S and C corp info as well.

  6. bigdogrivers says:

    Easy to understand …
    Easy to understand corp vs llc info. Enjoyable to watch. Good graphics to support the points.

  7. topspeak says:

    Finally, a video I …
    Finally, a video I can understand about the corp vs LLC question. Also talks about S corporations and C corporations.

  8. lesliwessell says:

    I love this simple, …
    I love this simple, easy-to-understand video of the difference between a corporation and an LLC and when to use each.

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