4 Responses to “Does your company offer benefits for part-time work?”

  1. CheechF says:

    I dont think any company does…..Full time is 40hr/week
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  2. depeople says:

    …is determined in part by the health insurance carrier and in part by the employer. Most companies seem to employ minimums ranging from 20 hrs/wk to 30 hrs/wk. Full time work usually ranges from around 37 to 40 hrs per week.

    I have worked with corporations which sought to manage expenses extremely aggressively. Some of these companies employed very large call center staffs–inbound and outbound. In a couple instances, they would structure their work forces craftily in such a way as to keep their call center employees part-time. The object was in part to keep the salaries and benefits line down by not paying benefits for what constituted a significant percentage of the workforce.

    I hope you are not in such a company.
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  3. Horace Tongue says:

    A lot of companies including mine use part time workers because we don’t have to pay any benefits for them. We will reward a hard worker with a full time job where they can earn benefits. This screening method keeps us from getting stuck with lazy or unmotivated workers. If we are forced to get rid of a full time worker it tends to get a lot more difficult. Once a full time employee has been with us for 6 months we will offer 401K and a monthly bonus based on their performance.
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  4. Anissa says:

    I no longer work but this is how my company in California was. A "normal" full-time employee was expected to work 40hrs. Of course that I think was more of a minimum than an expectation.

    I chose to work part-time after my daughter was born so I have experienced both ways. I had to work 32 hrs to maintain my benefits. But all the benefits were then same as for the full-time people.

    The benefits were:
    Medical: Aetna
    Dental: Delta dental

    I worked it out with my boss to have every Thursday off. Of course I ended up working 40 hrs +/- anyways but at least I was guaranteed one day off a week!
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