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  1. Don P says:

    Tax employees on their health insurance benefits?
    Have we forgotten that John McCain, Republican, said during his Presidential campaign that employees should be taxed on their health care benefits? And that Obama, contrary to lies being spread by his opponents, pledged NOT to tax working class people on their health care benefits? (Tax the people who make millions off of them, maybe, but not the workers who receive the benefits).

    Those darned Republicans – tax & spend, tax & spend. Oh, wait, I mean…

    Those darned Republicans – cut taxes & spend more anyway, cut taxes & spend more anyway…

    Bush/Cheney cut taxes, and still increased the federal budget by an order of magnitude, and still spent more than any administration in history. And that’s worked out so well for us, hasn’t it?

    And many conservatives now want more of the same? Well, it’s been great for corporate CEO’s and major stock holders who are spending millions of dollars daily to influence Congress, spread misinformation, and thus protect their income, salaries and profits.

    So tell me again, How did our federal deficit grow so huge? Hmmm…

  2. Why is Obama a liar? says:

    "So tell me again, How did our federal deficit grow so huge? Hmmm…?"

    Easy enough Democrats in General and Obama in particular are out of control:

    Deficit under Bush 426 billion

    Deficit under Obama 1.8 Trillion


    Obama has spent 4 X’s as much as GWB did in 8 years and done so in only 6 months

    "…The 2009 deficit, fueled by the $700 billion Wall Street bailout and diving tax revenues stemming from the worsening recession, is four times the previous $459 billion record set just last year"

    As for Health Care, If you want to find out if Democrats are lying, then Pass the health care plan. BUT do so with an unmodifiable clause, which will cancel the program if costs exceed private insurance by 10% or if the plan causes Private insurance to fail (go out of Business)

    If Democrats oppose the clause,well then, I think you can see that it is all a lie designed to add even more tax burden onto US taxpayers.
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  3. The Only Logical Solution says:

    I find it interesting that Obama is doing everything he chided McCain on doing. Faker!
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  4. shamMOO says:

    Idk what the fuck these freaks are even doing if they want universal then why the hell are they trying to do this. There all old so basically all those old fuckers up there in DC are making there own graves.
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  5. Cthulhu Fhtagn says:

    Bush/Cheney spent more than any administration in history up until Barrack Obama who has spent more in the first 6 months than they did in the first term.

    Btw speaking of CEO’s and major stock holders didn’t a democrat right in the bonuses for the bail out of AIG?
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  6. Chelfi says:

    Look, as far as health care is concerned (although this applies to any program) the issue isn’t which part of the program is taxed or not, what actually matters is what the total cost of the program per citizen will be.

    Believe me when I tell you, health care reform (especially if it includes a government-run option similar to Medicare) will cost a heck of a lot less that what we’ve got going now.
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  7. Hypocrite Smoker says:

    McCain was a moderate Republican at best and deserved to lose for acting like a Democrat too many times.
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  8. Buddy says:

    Interesting that you didn’t exactly detail what McCain’s policy was or what is now being proposed.

    Taxing healthcare benefits means taxing the benefits of those same executives and CEOs that you criticize.

    Really not much different than taxing millionaires

    It was never intended to tax the insurance benefits of middlle-lower income earners.

    Of course we are talking politics and not likely people are to post or state the facts. Especially if they just repeat something their party claims.

    How did the deficit grow so huge? social security, healthcare.

    You are aware that Bush tried to reform healthcare but Pelosi killed any talk of reform until Democrats won in 2008. shows were her heart lies – power is everything and screw the public
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  9. akelleystr22 says:

    I am not sure where your question is going. If I stick to tax employees on their health benefits —-Not going to happen —-Obama is in bed with the big unions—-they are really heavy on employee benefits—-like what brought down the american auto industry
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  10. bon-gart says:


    My standard answer to this….

    Viva la Revolucion.

    Taxation without representation. It was a good enough reason to rebel and start this country… it’s a good enough reason to do it all again.
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