17 Responses to “F.D.N.Y. Close Up – Engine Company Part 2”

  1. EMTSkaterMarine says:

    FDNY=best fire …
    FDNY=best fire department in the world, cant wait to join the engine company someday

  2. imranbecks says:

    I’m a firefighter …
    I’m a firefighter too! I’m a firefighter in Singapore… Basically similar to what is shown in the video.. But the way the hoses are stored onto the Engine is different from how it is stored in Singapore. We roll the hoses and shelve them up neatly into the side compartments of the engine.. And close it with a roller shutter.

  3. MrGraham710 says:

    NO BUS or RMPS came …
    NO BUS or RMPS came that is not good

  4. cutiger3115 says:

    @Camaroson2008 Plus …
    @Camaroson2008 Plus no one has to carry the up stairs. 🙂

  5. 0abc41 says:

    is verry good
    is verry good


    @luns121190 me …
    @luns121190 me either me and my dad used to watch it sall the time!

  7. luns121190 says:

    There used to be a …
    There used to be a tv show called best of the bravest a few years back. I don’t know what happened to it.

  8. firefighter64089 says:

    lol yeah stand pipe …
    lol yeah stand pipe mostly in the sair way and hook up the floor under lol there ok prussure but if u really want to woop hook up supply line fubar

  9. Camaroson2008 says:

    wow, learn somethin …
    wow, learn somethin every day… always wondered bout highrise packs. i forgot, that you can hook them up to standpipe, and use water from hydrant, relayed from truck to pipe, uses lotless hose

  10. andrew141290 says:

    nice one..
    nice one..

  11. MrTribalbob says:

    2;34 next hahahaha …
    2;34 next hahahaha next hahahaha


  12. Coasterrider210 says:

    i think it would …
    i think it would make a great tv show

  13. MultiShooter123 says:

    o ok kewl very nice …
    o ok kewl very nice video

  14. Thekillerteddy says:

    Nope, it’s a …
    Nope, it’s a recruitment video.

  15. MultiShooter123 says:

    is this a tv show
    is this a tv show

  16. Skiier1000 says:

    Awesome Vid
    Awesome Vid

  17. squiddy820 says:

    very nice video… …
    very nice video…very informative

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