3 Responses to “How can it be legal for a Medical Insurance Company to deny benefits to a customer?”

  1. Renaissance Man says:

    Al insurance policies have limities and conditions. You should read your contract before you sign it.
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  2. blktan23 says:

    look for one that covers what you have or start your own company
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  3. xaviar_onasis says:

    An insurance company is out to make a profit for it’s shareholders. It does this by estimating risk and assessing costs predicted to cover the risks and allow for profit.

    To do this, they write out contracts, called policies, that lay out what risks they are willing to cover and what limitations apply. If they didn’t do this, they would be cheating their stockholders.

    All benefits must have limits. This is because there is a finite pie to pass out. If they payed the multi-million dollars required to service one patient to the limits of modern medical care, they would deplete the very reserve needed to meet their other obligations.

    The plain truth is that it is a business like any other. Not a church, not a moral exercise and not without constraints.
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