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  1. Danita says:

    I'm a Victim of a Magazine Scam. Please Help.?
    I’ve been receiving calls from an 866-xxx-xxxx number and have been ignoring them. After a while I get a call with an unknown number. Part of me is telling me to not answer it, but most of the time, unknown numbers are from people I know. I answered the phone and it was a call saying I’ve been entered into drawing for $5,000. I had been entering sweepstakes and contests recently so i didn’t think anything of it. It goes downhill from here.

    Along with the prize entry, I was asked if i wanted to be subscribed for a magazine. They suggested Vogue, Seventeen, etc, and told me I would be paying for 2. I only asked for one magazine since the others didn’t interest me. I was gullible and gave out my debit card number and immediately I was charged $49.81 from my bank account as a "processing fee" and the payments would be done for the next 16 months. The person speaking with me told me to give a good word to her supervisor since she was new. Since I had my first job last year, I can kind of felt happy to do so. I was also told I’d be receiving a diamond watch for subscribing.

    I was feeling so stupid at this point.

    When I was asked if I wanted to ask any questions, I asked her if I can cancel anytime and if I would receive anything in writing (yes, I know it was dumb to ask after the payment was processed). The supervisor assured me I’d receive a paper detailing everything in the next few business days as well as a release form for the watch.

    I felt like an idiot and did take down the customer service number they’ve given me, but since this is a weekend right now, I’ve chosen not to do anything until at least Monday, constantly checking my bank account for any unauthorized charges on top of the one I technically authorized.

    20 minutes later I got another call from the 866 number telling me I was entered into a drawing for $25,000 and would benefit more if I made a magazine subscription. I immediately and kindly told the telemarketer no and although I appreciated the offer, I wasn’t interested (which is what I should’ve done in the first place). She wished me luck in the drawing and thanked me for my time.

    My question for now is should I wait for the paperwork (if any) and then do what’s necessary if I receive any cancellation terms in the paperwork or should I call without anything in hand Monday?

    Note: I will be updating this question on my progress later on

  2. hottotrot1_usa says:

    First, I hope you learned a lesson from this.

    Second, What was your agreement? Did you agree to the 49.81 fee? If not, then you have been scammed and I would treat it as a scam. Call your credit card company and object to the charges. Fight every charge that comes in the future. Call the Better Business Bureau if you have details on the seller, etc.

    In the future, don’t buy anything from a telemarketer unless you also have the same deal in writing.
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