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  1. Scorpius says:

    Can you remove a logo on a 100% cotton shirt?
    I have a 100%, pre-shrunk, cotton shirt with a company logo on the upper left side of the shirt, it appears to be "stamped" or "ironed" on, the logo is all white. Also, if you just lightly touch the logo with your finger and move your finger back and forth over the logo and the shirt the logo "feels" ever so slightly "raised". It appears this logo is made of some kind of "rubbery" substance, the texture of the logo is different from the shirt, the logo does not go through the shirt, if you feel the shirt, inside out, under the logo, it just feels like the rest of the shirt, not "raised". Is it possible to remove this logo without damaging the shirt?

  2. Marlee says:

    …no…unless u go 2 a Tailor i guess…
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  3. reynwater says:

    The logo is a silk screen print, probably a product called "Plax" an ink that requires ultraviolet light to cure (dry). You can’t get it off.
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