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  1. George says:

    I work from home, but may have to report to an office more than 45 miles from my house. can i get unemployment?
    I currently work from home but may have to start reporting to an office that is more than 45 miles away from my house. Does anyone know if I would qualify to receive unemployment benefits if I am unable to travel this distance to work? Thanks,

  2. Daisyhill says:

    I work from home and I have to report to 2 different offices which are both more than 200 miles away…the companies pay my transport for me. If you are disbaled then you may have a case.
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  3. Poohcat1 says:

    That would depend on several factors. If you quit your job because of it, then it would be doubtful. Unemployment generally requires that you be willing to seek employment within a radius of 75 miles from where you live.

    I assume you mean that you would occasionally have to report to this office don’t you? If so, talk to them about paying some mileage if possible.

    The second factor as to your possible unemployment would be if you are a contracted employee or a regular employee. A contracted employee is not eligible for unemployment as the employer does not pay in on your behalf.
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  4. wizjp says:

    Varies from state to state. Most have a limit between 30 and 50 miles.

    ASk the Unemployment office in your county
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