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  1. huckleberryjay says:

    Do you really want to know why people still vote Republican?
    From a very conservative Democrat I will break it down to you.

    1. Republicans tend to be tough on crime, no one wants to live in Beyond the thunderdome. People want to be able to take their families out without being afraid that they will have an altercation with a beggar etc. and if they do have an altercation, they at least want to be able to pull their 45’s for protection.

    2. National Defense, I don’t like George Bush, I don’t think he’s very bright and I think he has exploited the war to benefit his corporate buddies, with all that being said, he is obviously doing something behind the scenes to make sure another 911 does not happen, this includes killing and torturing a lot of bad guys. I’m a little concerned when I hear Obama talk about reaching out and a softer approach, that’s a hell of a risk.

    Taxes for social programs, people hate having to give their money away to other people who can’t seem to get their chit together, regardless of the reason. And evevn though we are giving billions to people in Iraq, who can’t seem to get their chit together, we don’t see it, in our own country we get to see the guys our tax dollars are going to as they buy that brand new flat screen TV at Walmart.

    That’s why, people vote Republican.

    Canada, once you stoop to the level of comparing America to Naxi Germany, you really lose all credibility and people stop taking you seriously… it’s a terrible strategy, you should adot another one that is more effective. Hopefully I helped you even more with that little bit of advice, it will take alot further than where you are heading.
    Yemaya, people should be scared. There’s nothing wrong with being afraid, not everyone can be as courageous as you are, we are all different, I’m happy you have no fear, that is quite an achievment but don’t hate other people for not being like you, especially after 911.
    Bushwacked… so there’s the answer, let’s do what we complain about Ruch and Hannity doing, let’s attack one another for having an opinion and call each other names… yeah that’s really going to make thing soooo much better.
    Chris, one of the reasons I don’t vote Republican is because I feel they lie and I do not trust them on many issues. Now, I’m guessing, that’s probably one of the reasons many of them don’t vote Democrat as well.
    We Democrats may need to start trying to understand why so much of our country keeps voting Republican and stop discounting it as fear and ignorance. It’s time we win an election, we have not been faring very well as of late.
    Flip Ant, you are part of the problem, you are just on the opposite side of it.

  2. Sexy wolf says:

    From one conservative democrat to another- good saying, man. I am tired of far left taking over democratic party.
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  3. smellyfoot ™ says:

    And you’re a Democrat? Why? You seem to have a head on your shoulders!
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  4. canada4ever444 says:

    yup you made it clear.

    I could never understand how americans were so complacent about thir torture cmaps, especially when over 1,000 iraqi children under 10 are being sexually and physically abused in them by americans soldiers.

    But now I see why you dont care. Thank you.

    You also gave me some good insight into the minds of the germans when they kept electing hitler.
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  5. aiminhigh24u2 says:

    Because 51% of the voting American public still have common sense
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    Because 51% of the voting American public still have common sense

  6. Sophie says:

    Well put, Huckleberry. Very true, except for the part about Bush exploiting the war. But I’m a neocon, you knew I’d disagree with you somewhat. 🙂
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  7. Bushwacked says:

    ridiculous, brainwashed peasant.
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  8. Yemaya says:

    Right, you said it cowboy, people vote Republican because they are just plain scared-

    and what is "chit", can you et it?

    edit to your edit: (in my best cowgirl drawl) good lawd make it stop, I am starting to get scared myself at the level of… well I just can’t say it w/out sounding rude but the birdie ain’t got nuthin up there…ya’ know?
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  9. Chris K says:

    Lack of education, is the main reason people vote Republican. Most Republicans are uninformed or misinformed on the major issues that affect everyday Americans. Most Republicans make less than $250,000 a year but will vote against their own best interest to elect a man who will do nothing to improve their situation. Barack Obama has clearly stated that he will cut taxes for anyone who makes less than $250,000 and he wants to totally eliminate income tax for senior citizens who make less than $50,000 per year. McCain has offered nothing to everyday Americans but want massive tax cuts for corporations and those who make over $5,000,000.00 a year.
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  10. Babu Chicorico says:

    F-oreign policy
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  11. Princess Catfish says:

    I hear you…I am a moderate Democrat but have gone to Independent mode…enough insanity in the Democratic Party…voting Republican this time around…
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  12. Flip Ant says:

    I will never vote for a party that attempts to brow beat people with political correctness. A party that calls me a typical gun toting backwoods bible thumping hillbilly. A party that is comprised of political prostitutes that buy votes from special intrests groups using my money. A party that has created a national fuel crisis through their policies and has the gaul to blame others. A party that employs a biased media and then has the audacity to want to silence any fairness by re-instituting the so called "fairness-doctrine". I dont dislike typical Demoscrats but i DESPISE your party and your politicians.
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  13. conservUS says:

    This is for Chris K.
    250,000 a year? You realize Obama means everybody that has a gross income. As a small business owner this means me. We small business owners make up 90 percent of the workforce( this per Obama’s own web site) Now when I as someone who grosses over 250,000 a year need to pay Obama and the socialists just about half my income who do I lay off? I can not afford these taxes and keep all my employees, I live in Michigan where Dem. Gov. Jennifer Granholm has kept the single business tax and raised others, this policy of tax and spend has decimated the manufacturing base in this state. With all the regular operating expenses I have especially in a service industry where I have to travel(drive) extensively where do I get the "extra" money? I pay profit sharing and give bonuses, I also supply health insurance. So where does Obama help me and my employees? If I paid less tax (ie: removal of the state single business tax) I would be able to hire another person. Do I need to list the benefits of having another employed, tax paying, American? So you want to know why I vote conservative? This is just one reason, There is no one this year on the other side of the ticket for two, and I do under no circumstance want to live in a socialist society, I was not born into one and there may be a reason that it does not work, it is called MAN, who is by nature self preserving, (that is PC now for GREEDY). Socialism only could work if everybody WANTED to work.
    Not everybody is unable some are just lazy. Why should I pay for them? Why should my tax money go for someones food in a third world country, I give on my own for my own reasons. Government can not govern itself. I am supposed to give it more, so it can go to some third world government who will squander it on their own agenda, instead of giving it to poor (fill in the blank) so he/she can get food and an education? Now for my third and last that I will share, In the past years who in the White House has brought nothing but scandal, Who across the country is involved with more adultery, lies, and outright treachery, Dems. I do not know why this is but on a whole it is. Please do not make me post all the names you should know them if you even post in this section. I will give you a big one Clinton’s, I mean come on there is a list of all the people who have wound up dead around these two and it is lengthy, and not those who have died of "natural causes". Now Obama? Please this guy said he would not run in 2008 because of his lack of experience, obviously he "changed" his mind. He seems to do that a lot. As a final thought I will give you some Dem history Clinton promised to lower taxes on the "middle-class" he raised them with in 8 months of being in office, Pelosi promised congress would not get a pay raise, would stop the war, would not fund the war, Now I never agreed with their views on how they would stop the war or the funding issue, I did agree with no pay raise, In the first 6 months congress had their pay raise and Pelosi and Co. were ranting that they are powerless to stop Bush. What? A democrat controlled congress powerless? Funny how she found that power to oppose 70 percent of the voters in the country to stop the vote on drilling, because she "is trying to save the planet"???????????????? I will not go into the issues with the fairness doctrine.
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  14. slappyjk says:

    Republicans have tons of problem, they need to rid themselves of far right religious fundamentalists who are hung up on abortion and shoving religion and morality down the public’s throats, through government.

    Democratic party has worse problems- socialists and communists have hi-jacked the party. Say what you want but once civil rights and labor rights, were all changed, liberals no longer had a cause. Like labor unions and affirmative action groups, they just won’t go away after time has elapsed and they should be phased out. To keep the democratic machine alive, socialists have poisoned and infiltrated the party, so all they have to offer now is class envy, socialism, more govt, more taxes, more bureaucracy, more corruption, etc.

    Need some examples? Thats easy- civil rights- liberals support race baiters like Sharpton and Jackson, who incite racial hatred so they can personally benefit. The last thing the race baiters want is for racism to end. They thrive on racial hatred.

    Need another? Trial lawyers, you whine about health care costs then you support trial lawyers to declare war on the health care industry, filling our courts with frivolous law suits and exponentially increasing health care costs that get passed onto the consumer.

    Oil? Liberals have prevented America from being self reliant on oil, then condemn us for buying Arab oil.

    Republicans will be fine if they can eliminate the Holy Roller faction; Democrats are not fixable, they have declared war on capitalism and won’t stop until they destroy our way of life.

    People vote democratic because they have been brain washed by the George Soros and Michael Moore types, whose real agenda is socialism for all. No thanks comrade, keep your socialism and disease, I don’t want any part of it.

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  15. in love with love bobbi34 says:

    shut up and stop forcing us out loser
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