26 Responses to “Am I On Drugs?”

  1. stavrosmike says:

    @briskrizk Yeah, …
    @briskrizk Yeah, RWJ does not deserve to be on the top, with all he does being showing other people’s content along with jokes. I think Shane and Ryan still got though, Shane’s supposed to have a good vid out saturday so let’s wait and see. Mac…years ago he was awesome, like he was actually the reason I started making youtube videos, but for the past year and a half he’s been awful.

  2. briskrizk says:

    @stavrosmike I know …
    @stavrosmike I know! A lot of my favorite youtubers have been putting out content. Maybe that’s why RWJ is gonna be on top soon. His types of videos can’t get worse…because it’s just reviewing other vids. I’m on the verge of unsubbing Shane Dawson, Nigahiga, and livelavalive..

  3. InHisLovingArms says:

    Thumbs up for Mac’s …
    Thumbs up for Mac’s adorable lips

  4. stavrosmike says:

    @briskrizk And …
    @briskrizk And that’s only because Onision made this.

  5. eirinnGObrach2010 says:

    “Paul the Octopus …
    “Paul the Octopus has died. I wonder if he saw that coming?”


    P.s that’s what she said

  6. briskrizk says:

    Your last good …
    Your last good video.. Sorry Mac

  7. MeganWins says:

    Bawww I love …
    Bawww I love Onision x3

  8. 1000abercrombie says:

    cool stuff man keep …
    cool stuff man keep going

  9. likeae says:

    Ironicly, Onision …
    Ironicly, Onision now has more subs than Mac….

  10. MissMagicNN says:

    Where is he??? How …
    Where is he??? How come he never makes videos anymore?

  11. nickfl06 says:


  12. rock50003 says:

    this guy did shane …
    this guy did shane dawsons vids

  13. hiltonaderz says:

    umm, yeah. okay?
    umm, yeah. okay?

  14. Konata1Leslie says:

    Ending song!! who …
    Ending song!! who has the name? plz

  15. Lover89ize says:

    This is so awesome …
    This is so awesome 🙂 <333333

  16. iiplox says:

    ending song plz?
    ending song plz?

  17. FishyButter says:

    Greg FTW 😀
    Greg FTW 😀

  18. kelseyisthebomb95 says:

    you kinda look and …
    you kinda look and act like Daniel Tosh.(:

  19. Cows614 says:

    aint that the guy …
    aint that the guy from the shane dawson songs?

  20. MMBNM says:

    Why’s he got a …
    Why’s he got a plastic bag on his head

  21. RoboSlickProductions says:

    Onision is …
    Onision is disgusting

  22. uilium says:

    “SHUDDER GLASSES?” I called those 1985 glasses because that is when you first saw them around

  23. thexonexonlyxnigel says:

    omg W.T.C.C is FINE …
    omg W.T.C.C is FINE!X

  24. krookedskater97 says:

    is that onision
    is that onision

  25. rockfever1893 says:

    ONISION !!
    ONISION !!

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