25 Responses to “David After Dentist”

  1. Bearsfan62 says:

    Is this real life : …
    Is this real life :20

  2. bloodlesXxXvampire says:

    haha i just noticed …
    haha i just noticed hes in a babys car seat

  3. atukosicetelevision says:

    views 😀

    views 😀

  4. Cornygurl669 says:

    Poor guy’s scared …
    Poor guy’s scared to death 🙁

  5. icyboy6 says:

    69.1m views wow
    69.1m views wow

  6. Bieber1995fever says:

    Hehee 🙂 hee makes …
    Hehee 🙂 hee makes me laugh such a cutiee 🙂

  7. BoyHataw says:

    groggy kid! hahaha
    groggy kid! hahaha

  8. sunshinegal12345 says:

    why would you do …
    why would you do that to ur kid!!!!!! that’s hard core mean!!!!!!!!!

  9. MegaDanyRock says:

    Is this real life? …
    Is this real life? :))

  10. SnapperWasHere says:

    “IS this …

    “IS this real life?”
    “Is this gonna be forever?”
    “Stay in your seat!” “ERRRRAAAAHHH!!!” “I don’t feel tired.”
    “You have 4 eyes.” “Yeah!”
    “I… I feel funny. WHY IS THIS HAPPENING TO ME?!”

    I love this kid. =)

  11. ewa6261 says:

    LOL. this is funny …
    LOL. this is funny 😀

  12. pacodude33 says:

    i’m curious what …
    i’m curious what kind of medicine david was actually given

  13. alyemenia says:

    AWW he’s Soo cute!
    AWW he’s Soo cute!

  14. summerthevaccum says:

    his scream makes …
    his scream makes the video!

  15. mrNikko77 says:

    yea i know

    yea i know

  16. AirlockMinibus says:

    hes ‘very smart’?? …
    hes ‘very smart’?? well whatever. Every parent thinks that.

  17. ChriseyyOo says:

    epic xD

    epic xD

  18. nptw0er says:


  19. MrSon109 says:

    The dude seems high …
    The dude seems high as cloud 9!

  20. JenniferTimmins says:

    LOL….poor guy!
    LOL….poor guy!

  21. Gallia91 says:

    why is this video …
    why is this video so famous?
    its just a confused little kid.

  22. BBlolalex22 says:

    @hyperzyph64 becous …
    @hyperzyph64 becous of the meds

  23. nnnnicolaaaa says:

    you feel good?
    … …

    you feel good?

  24. PubicMen says:

    The American accent …
    The American accent spoils it.

  25. wasy001 says:

    omg i cant see …
    omg i cant see hahahaha

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