25 Responses to “David After Drugs”

  1. chocolatelips2 says:

    @joshieboy666 …
    @joshieboy666 lmfao!!! gotta be 😛

  2. thrushebindu says:

    Try single women * …
    Try single women ***naneedj.info***

  3. specksJOHNNYB says:

    iiii haaave TWOO …
    iiii haaave TWOO BALLLSSS!!!!

  4. MaskedMearone says:

    You have four eyes, …
    You have four eyes,..im so horny!

  5. dontdareforget123 says:

    @xhammoud1 lol it …
    @xhammoud1 lol it srsly looked like it didnt it xD i dont even know

  6. IsMyBarre1C1ean says:

    The funniest …

    The funniest part!

  7. xhammoud1 says:

    was that real weed??
    was that real weed??

  8. xhammoud1 says:

    was that real weed? …
    was that real weed??? lmaooo

  9. joshieboy666 says:

    @chocolatelips2 it …
    @chocolatelips2 it was a jeffery from get him to the greek

  10. mchav56 says:

    so funny 😀 lol
    so funny 😀 lol

  11. xXHighToneXx says:

    In a way this guy …
    In a way this guy reminds me of Fez from That 70s Show

  12. chocolatelips2 says:

    what was he …
    what was he smoking?

  13. chocolatelips2 says:

    wat was he smoking?
    wat was he smoking?

  14. RCGeek1 says:

    David is not here!
    David is not here!

  15. VICTISOLANO says:

    i have 3 balls and …
    i have 3 balls and i don’t care

  16. IBEECHU5 says:

    6,371 people dont …
    6,371 people dont have 2 balls

  17. k0stil says:

    I HAVE TWO …

  18. Dizziydog says:

    david dont touch …
    david dont touch that (crunch)

  19. ygafxed says:

    the is funny …
    the is funny when you high fck

  20. 360fanboy360 says:

    0:44 is my favorite …
    0:44 is my favorite part

  21. peenguintastick says:

    David: you have 4 …
    David: you have 4 eyes person: no David I don’t david what are you doing? David: I don’t kno but I can’t stop David: you have 4 eyes Person: davi…… David: I’m LOL SOOO FUNNY

  22. iHavec0okiee says:

    -shoved candy …
    -shoved candy wrapper in mouth-,,,, “is this real life? “david, david dont hit yourself with that

  23. iHavec0okiee says:

    DAVIDS NOT HERE!!!!! lol

  24. mrjavid7 says:


  25. UhOhItsU says:

    “i have 2 balls” ” …
    “i have 2 balls” “yes David, u do have 2 balls” lmaoooo thts hilarious!!!

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