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  1. asTroboy69 says:

    Where can I get a list of generic drugs and their branded counterparts?
    I’m searching for a list of medical drugs in a generic name=branded name drugs.. for example:

    Dextromethorphan=generic name
    XXXXXXXXXXX= The branded name..

    just correct me if im wrong.. im not a medical student.. my mother’s just curious about it because we’re spending too much money buying branded medicine instead of buying generics which has the same effect..

    thanks guys!! hope to get an answer!!

  2. shardf says:

    Ask your druggist, he knows all that stuff.
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  3. jackie_jabar says:

    Here is the url for a website that has a great listing of generic medications.

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  4. LeAnne (cwgrrl1) says:

    Some of your medical websites have them, try http://www.rxlist.com and http://www.health.gov.bc.ca/pharme/sa/criteria/genericbrandtable.html. Also, do some label reading at the store. You’ll get the same concentration of medicine from Advil as you get from store brand ibuprofen-just read your label and look at the active ingredients.
    I hope this helps!
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    Medical professional

  5. ashish c says:

    Can try YAHOO HEALTH site.Disease condition. Drug list are there.you may get it.
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  6. killbasabill says:

    You migh talso consult your PDR for the list you seek. PDR is Physicians Desk Reference.
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