25 Responses to “Hilarious Drug Education FAILS”

  1. wwickeddogg says:

    Those are the …
    Those are the reasons I tried drugs

  2. OceanTheFreak says:


  3. Thearl says:

    Why exactly are …
    Why exactly are these fail?

  4. Dnh3one says:


  5. vincenmt says:

    When your dog is …
    When your dog is talking to you thats not pot, Thats crack!

  6. vonfred54 says:

    0:28 SMOKING WHAT …

  7. ashky45 says:

    If Peewee say’s it …
    If Peewee say’s it then it MUST be true!

  8. Redd1587 says:

    Anyone taking …
    Anyone taking advice from pee wee herman, I mean, REALLY? … now that’s a fail!

  9. spasticclown says:

    How high is the …
    How high is the who is seeing her dog talk? No that is what I call tripping balls. Didn’t the Son of Sam talk to a dog before he went around killing people? Was she on the same he was on? Does that mean she’s going to go out and star shooting people with a .38?

  10. TheRawrstar says:

    You should have …
    You should have shown more of #10!
    the kid goes “I’m not a chicken, you’re a turkey!”

  11. XlightninX says:

    @heymaxsup …
    @heymaxsup intentional and you stated the obvious double fail for you

  12. ipeterG123 says:

    number 7) must be …
    number 7) must be some dank weed :0

  13. scOchie says:

    i love how most …
    i love how most anit-drugs ads are directed to marijuana the least deadly of all illegal drugs why the govt doesnt focus on heroine or meth is beyond me

  14. TheRiggyRiggs says:

    yea right you guys …
    yea right you guys well know what that teacher is doing after class!

  15. 6buster says:

    Number 8 I was …
    Number 8 I was expecting her to smoke it xD And number 2 is just for teh lolz and number 1 he got ownt 😛

  16. ElloIzNoodlez says:

    I saw 7 and 5 (my …
    I saw 7 and 5 (my fave) on tv

  17. LoboPal says:

    Yeah, talking dog …
    Yeah, talking dog would make me do weed.

  18. Realjhad says:

    Bill Hicks on …
    Bill Hicks on number six :D:D:D:D:D:D

  19. Treamyx says:

    yeah when your …
    yeah when your stoned you get the munchies, even kids know that

  20. CHW951 says:

    Wtf if someone …
    Wtf if someone offers you drugs you buy them a pizza?

  21. KelliroxxoTV says:

    Omg i remeber i saw …
    Omg i remeber i saw number 7 on Tv!!!!

  22. DGol03 says:

    @cajakesees Did big …
    @cajakesees Did big tobacco tell you that fact?

  23. joh04667 says:

    @totalfreshness …
    @totalfreshness it’s a famous old commercial (from 70s-80s?), but Scrubs did a spoof of it with coffee instead of weed, so you might recognize it from there….that’s where i first saw it haha

  24. joh04667 says:

    @cajakesees your …
    @cajakesees your facts are lies

  25. BAB13100 says:

    Men’s asses.
    Men’s asses.

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