25 Responses to “I Don’t Like The Drugs (But The Drugs Like Me)”

  1. Wooleywolf says:

    @mrlee192 …Agreed.
    @mrlee192 …Agreed.

  2. kaithleenxo says:

    Why is this song …
    Why is this song catchier than it should be?

  3. kaithleenxo says:

    @jcole60brit I love …
    @jcole60brit I love that story 😮

  4. Angelandrez says:

    BRB gonna go do 3 …
    BRB gonna go do 3 hits of acid

  5. likestakingpix says:

    Lady Gaga is …
    Lady Gaga is copying Mason!!!!!!! *Mutters* Bitch… 😀

  6. lizcatlover says:

    @Lestattijuana haha …
    @Lestattijuana haha maybe they are the same person hahaha

  7. ChristianGod9 says:



    You’re DEFINITELY going to for misplacing GOD!

  8. murdergreen says:


    what the r u saying?

  9. XhappinessinslaveryX says:

    @ChristianGod9 …
    @ChristianGod9 Bring it.

  10. mrlee192 says:

    his most under- …
    his most under-rated video i think. Really cool.

  11. KacaTwix says:

    Oh look!It’s Lady …
    Oh look!It’s Lady GaGa.. xD

  12. key2thabanks says:

    how did this guy …
    how did this guy get so famous,……?

  13. jcole60brit says:

    Almost a Harrison …
    Almost a Harrison Bergeron feel to the video.

  14. seppbrandner says:

    i love how symbolic …
    i love how symbolic this vid is. it speaks so many truths about the nature of american culture

  15. szimhardt05 says:

    Vevo is a bit of a …
    Vevo is a bit of a joke isnt it?

  16. szimhardt05 says:

    @ChristianGod9 -__- …
    @ChristianGod9 -__- Why would you think that?

  17. sam007496 says:


  18. ChristianGod9 says:

    If you keep …
    If you keep listening to this person you’re gonna burn in hell!

  19. TheMissMemy says:

    scusate ho …
    scusate ho sbagliato scrivendo il commento!!!

  20. TheMissMemy says:

    good….Narylin …
    good….Narylin Manson is very very funny!!!

  21. Soraloverkingdom says:

    @Lestattijuana more …
    @Lestattijuana more like she wants/is trying to look like manson.

  22. BloodyGrumpyJeNN says:

    He got so good …
    He got so good video music !! He’s such a Great Artist!!! ♥

  23. copnite12342 says:

    MM is a dude people.
    MM is a dude people.

  24. vampiralust1 says:

    i am so allergic …
    i am so allergic though

  25. lanitana100 says:

    @420quadrider …
    @420quadrider that’s cuz she’s a man.

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