25 Responses to “I need Drugz”

  1. parhhesia says:

    Hebrews on Heroin, …
    Hebrews on Heroin, you gotta love New York

  2. metallica071190 says:

    @WeazDaFilthSparky …
    @WeazDaFilthSparky Howie is dead 🙁 Rip howie!

  3. Thez0mbiekillaa says:

    This is up
    This is up

  4. acon4rolls2blunts0 says:

    @ASchlink1990 shut …
    @ASchlink1990 shut the up i love meth

  5. lilhatchet2791 says:

    R.I.P. Uncle Howie
    R.I.P. Uncle Howie

  6. ThaMW2Kings says:

    Respect 4 uncle …
    Respect 4 uncle Howie & Necro !
    and that other guy with the beard 🙂

  7. DeWitt1995 says:

    @TheFusionCinema …
    @TheFusionCinema amen

  8. bigbudz1000 says:

    The rapper is this …
    The rapper is this song is a piece of
    gonna pop a clip

  9. bigbudz1000 says:

    The rapper is this …
    The rapper is this song is a piece of shit

  10. ogormd07 says:

    i wish i could do …
    i wish i could do the real life thing, you know what im saying ahhhhh HA ha i would invite my friends over keep them asleep and getting in the ass.

  11. WeazDaFilthSparky says:

    @metallica071190 …
    @metallica071190 not howie though? there joking most of the way.. there hooked thats truth

  12. PenDanger2 says:

    Holeee shit, this …
    Holeee shit, this is hardcore.

  13. metallica071190 says:

    @symezy Dude how …
    @symezy Dude how can u say necros untalented ? i’d really like to know who you think is. P.S. his uncles dead

  14. TenManOrgy says:


  15. TheFusionCinema says:

    I don’t do drugs, I …
    I don’t do drugs, I smoke weed.

  16. Mofukka1986 says:

    @symzey sounds like …
    @symzey sounds like your a jeolus batty boy, no1 here gives to what the u think ya mofukka, Go suck out your nanna G….

  17. skemsaren says:

    @symezy whats your …
    @symezy whats your problem.

  18. deathm3t4l1 says:

    He was probably …
    He was probably doing it too..

  19. shagydog260 says:

    really ill bill 🙁
    really ill bill 🙁

  20. cschembor says:

    this is the most …
    this is the most up music video you can find

  21. symezy says:

    necro has to b the …
    necro has to b the most untalented white boy ever to touch the mic just bcause you can put words 2gether doesnt mean your talented not an mc get real help your uncle out pull the needle out his arm give his mate a shave and shed those kilos

  22. bebopola says:

    @ASchlink1990 he …
    @ASchlink1990 he can’t do anything about it that guys gone err his uncle

  23. itsyaboyitsyaboy says:

    @XKushSmoke yeh im …
    @XKushSmoke yeh im quoting the song, and uncle howie is doing smack, you can tell by the color of the rig its yellow, lol i been shooting tar for a few years so i know how serious been hooked on it is but this song is not the most serious way to draw attention to it, ffs i shoot up and i find this funny as so dont lecture me

  24. joshkatell says:

    @rockingdude89 this …
    @rockingdude89 this is from the 90s in new york crack, was like water

  25. bloddfolife243 says:

    anybody here …
    anybody here actually been in a crack shack ?? its man this true

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