25 Responses to “Illegal Drugs & How They Got That Way – crack & cocaine”

  1. SvalbardJanMayen1976 says:

    @tullah99 yeah, I …
    @tullah99 yeah, I mean blacks didn’t need coke to get violent on Whites! They just needed hip hop and a 40 of Olde English!

  2. SvalbardJanMayen1976 says:

    @theNASAlies yeah …
    @theNASAlies yeah I’m drunk right now, Czech holiday, I dunno, not bad right now!

  3. pvisserandorra says:

    Yet, the Ronald …
    Yet, the Ronald Reagan funded his illegal Contra war by having the CIA sell drugs in the US to buy weapons for them. The real threat from the Contras was not about sending the entire population of South America to the US, but to prevent any improvement in the lives of the poor by their governments.

  4. iiTzHiiGHSToRiiEZ850 says:

    Bullshit cocaine …
    Bullshit cocaine didnt exist until 1980s when the Pentagon manufactured it for the pourpose of tourning men into soldiers with just one line.

  5. NabilRU says:

    Too bad this show …
    Too bad this show is in such a poor resolution.

  6. ravensluver335 says:

    @bobray69 true.
    @bobray69 true.

  7. tullah99 says:

    typical rasict …
    typical rasict american white people!

  8. BostonmanHere says:

    Coke is “it” !!!!!

    Coke is “it” !!!!!

    pepsi <—– blah

  9. ScottJG21 says:

    fucken junkie …
    fucken junkie monkey mutha fuckers!!! monkey stole my stash last night!!!

  10. ashkrowe says:

    Hahahaha, so the …
    Hahahaha, so the original Cuba Libre was actually a Blacktooth Grin with lime!

  11. Kinghercules says:

    Thats all that Bush …
    Thats all that Bush money.

  12. chiefbigumms says:

    smoke the crack, …
    smoke the crack, snort the smack, bang the coke, eat mdma

  13. longfootbuddy says:

    ill tell you how …
    ill tell you how they got illlegal.. when bastards decided theyd tell you what you can and cant do

  14. nelsano3 says:

    @tbonebryant9 …
    @tbonebryant9 Hahaha! awesome! ‘You want me to whole the chicken?’ i WANT YOU TO HOLD THE CHICKEN BETWEEN YOUR LEGS’ Jack rules well spotted.

  15. bobray69 says:

    white people have …
    white people have to blame EVERYTHING on Blacks or Muslims.

  16. tbonebryant9 says:

    Some of these …
    Some of these documentaries I just listen to while doing other stuff, and I suddenly realized I recognized the narrator’s voice. It’s the woman who played the waitress in the chicken salad sandwich scene in “Five Easy Piece,” Lorna Thayer.

  17. MarillionDeVoid says:

    @theNASAlies You …
    @theNASAlies You hate junkies cuz ur jealous ur not one. Lol, who could hate somone feeling better pleasure than a 3+ hour orgasm.

  18. Jeffluvs80s says:

    There is a big …
    There is a big problem with dem “Crazied Negroes”LOL We need to solve it right now!!!

  19. Jeffluvs80s says:

    @Doxi99 yay!!! I’m …
    @Doxi99 yay!!! I’m with ya on that one =]

  20. Jeffluvs80s says:

    @gidosmart HEY …
    @gidosmart HEY buddy!!! Your not the only one……

  21. ninasooz says:

    I have great …
    I have great compassion for “junkies.”

  22. papichulobumber1 says:



    ofcourse you dont buy coke at 192 dollar per gram, but its cut like before it arrives in your hands. Purity often times only 25%, the rest is cheap filler like lidocaine novacaine, baking powder, ephedrine etc, could be anything. So yes a kilo of pure cocaine can very well make 192k. Users are miseducated and think its supposed to hurt in your nose, and that you must feel the numbness right away while in fact these things mean you are dealing with a heavily cut up product.

  23. Doxi99 says:

    Cocaine sucks …
    Cocaine sucks really overrated brat’s drugs. It’s like caffeine but stronger.

    Weed and opiate ftw!


    Isn’t their an …
    Isn’t their an alcohol drink out their called cocaine because I remember drinking some of it once and that means my Alcohol was laced with cocaine?

  25. jukuro9898 says:

    @101piesaregood …
    @101piesaregood HAHA i kept watching the video…go to 18:42 !! it cant be clearer than that!

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