25 Responses to “Ke$ha – Your Love Is My Drug”

  1. Haseeb2497 says:

    GOOD SONG but i …
    GOOD SONG but i dont like this but my bro crush on this song

  2. thao20191 says:

    great song but I …
    great song but I see her every dirty

  3. TheDesiree321 says:

    i love this song …
    i love this song and i aculally kinda look like her.just i got strait hair

  4. Paeynne says:

    i like her voice. i …
    i like her voice. i really do. the videos kinda make me not like them e.e so i listen to the ones that DONT have the video

  5. opponent12 says:

    is she dating a bum?
    is she dating a bum?

  6. Godslayer1992 says:

    kesha has got cool …
    kesha has got cool songs love to listen them BUT the video clips realy SUCKS i mean its so horible she acts like a pornstar

  7. RayhaRolaNahya says:

    i like this song …
    i like this song but i dont like this video!!!

  8. SnowVizdom says:

    kesha was having …
    kesha was having sex whith the elephant in 3:26 poor elephant :((((((((((((((

  9. UnoMeeh says:

    tik tok riden cock

    tik tok riden cock
    i use auto tune cuz i cant sing
    blah blah blah
    ok wheres my millions ???

  10. Cherelybe says:


    you stink
    i hate you kesha
    your music is shit…..

  11. Cherelybe says:


    you stink

  12. Katrijnaa says:

    @akantor09 Oh …
    @akantor09 Oh Thanks x

  13. Katrijnaa says:

    @akantor09 Oh …
    @akantor09 Oh Thanks x

  14. Katrijnaa says:

    @skatingisphun Oh …
    @skatingisphun Oh my god, you’re so pathetic

  15. taziness says:

    She is so funny in …
    She is so funny in the last part hahahaha

  16. on99laisinting says:

    @pat990044 stupid …
    @pat990044 stupid punk

  17. pat990044 says:

    i hate kesha…not …
    i hate kesha…not becasue her music is shity…but because my ex gf loved this song she said this is exactly how she felt about me ):

  18. Dumkoednub says:

    @sean44mares , …
    @sean44mares , up weekend but yea.. thanks you too

  19. Awesome6Sauce says:

    She almost looks …
    She almost looks like she’s not a total crackhead in this video!
    Actually looks kinda pretty…

  20. TheFlyleafArmy says:

    I think she’s at …
    I think she’s at her prettiest in this video.

  21. CokedUpPuppy says:

    I love her! Kesha …
    I love her! Kesha haters can go their moms!

  22. xxwwefan4lifexx11 says:

    who the cares …
    who the cares if shes a whore some people like her..

  23. germanstriker111 says:

    @DrDanTheMan21 calm …
    @DrDanTheMan21 calm down keyboard warrior shes making bank with auto tune while you about nothing

  24. folgates says:

    @DrDanTheMan21 …
    @DrDanTheMan21 good for you? u learned how to use ur opion!

  25. jesusin33nitro says:


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