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    Asalam w.do u know how fasting can actually improve your health?
    I read this article and it helped me learn what are the ways that fasting can improve someones health.Also on tv the sheik advises anyone with any health problem like high blood pressure ,diabetes,cholestrol to fast even during the fitr days .

    1. Attitude About Juice Fasting: One key to juice fasting over water fasting is the ability to prevent ketosis (disrupted carbohydrate metabolism in response to chronic starvation) by continuously providing simple carbohydrates that are used by your body for energy and nutrition to the cells. Some individuals, however, believe that carb overload is the reason why Americans are fat.
    2. Attitude about Skipping Meals: One study suggests that skipping a meal occasionally is not all that bad, especially if weight loss is a goal. However, be aware of changes in metabolic rate (see below).
    3. Autonomic Nervous System: According to this article, fasting appears to have a normalizing effect on the overall tone of the autonomic nervous system. This normalization decreases possibilities for a number of issues ranging from digestive disturbances to anxiety disorders.
    4. Awareness: Fasting can heighten awareness, depending upon the health of the individual, the goal for fasting and the ability to eliminate toxins from the system.
    5. Back Pain: Back pains caused by muscular tightness and stress rather than from bone disease or osteoporosis may be alleviated with a lighter diet or juice fasting.
    6. Bad Health Habits: In some people, fasting has helped break cravings for alcohol, tobacco, caffeine and some drug addictions.
    7. Blood Pressure: Water fasting may correct your high blood pressure to a safe range within two weeks without drugs. This level of pressure can be maintained if the diet is changed rather than going back to old eating habits. This study was conducted in a controlled setting.
    8. Cell Proliferation: This study, done on mice, showed that intermittent fasting slowed cell production, which also showed cancer development. Slowing down the rate of cell proliferation essentially buys time for the cells to repair genetic damage that may cause cancer.
    9. Cholesterol: One study about a 30-day Muslim fast showed significant decrease in LDL (”bad” cholesterol), total serum cholesterol and serum triglycerides at the end of the fasting period. There also was a significant increase in “good” cholesterol (HDL) that showed at the end of the fast and continued to show for one month after the fast.
    10. Chronic cardiovascular disease and congestive heart failure: Fasting can reduce triglycerides, atheromas, total cholesterol and may increase HDL levels.
    11. Energy Flow: Through this logic, fasting enables the body to slow down to the point where the individual can listen to the body through the mind. This ‘vital force’ is clouded when the body is filled with toxins. However, one study with flies showed that the value of diminished appetite to an animal’s survival may vary with the infecting microbe.
    12. Fat Mobilization [PDF]: Fasting may move the body to mobilize fat stores from adipose tissue (the fat under your skin) to consume that fat as energy. Short fasts also may protect proteins in your body with the release of a growth hormone.
    13. Heart Health: The day-long, once-a-month fast many Mormons undertake as a part of their faith may help explain the lower rates of coronary artery disease in this population, according to a study presented at the American Heart Assn.’s scientific sessions in Orlando, Florida, in 2007.
    14. Homeostasis: Basically, your metabolic equilibrium, or ability to heal, could undergo a change during fasting. When fasting is employed as a therapeutic measure, it changes the playing field for disease and infection. This article quotes Louis Pasteur, “The pathogen is nothing, the terrain is everything” for an argument on why fasting can be used as a cure for injury or disease.
    15. Insulin and Blood Sugars: A study from the National Institute on Aging found that skipping meals frequently can help mice maintain healthier glucose and insulin levels. The study provides insight into the possible effect of fasting on glucose metabolism.
    16. Life Span: The point behind this list of articles and studies is that caloric reduction, overall, is one way to increase a life span. Lower metabolic rates, slower cell proliferation and less body fat that holds toxic matter all lead to a healthier life. This translates, for many people, into a longer life.
    17. Lifestyle: If you want to change your life to feel healthier and more productive, this author believes that fasting provides the pivot for that change.
    18. Mental Alertness: When toxins are removed from the lymphatic and blood systems, this change improves mental clarity. Eating less also results in energy conservation, which can be used by the brain for thinking tasks.
    19. Metabolism: While many people believe that a fast metabolism is key to weight loss,
    ramadan kareem

  2. BATMAN says:

    And where’s the proof for all this ?
    And who’s the dude who wrote this ?
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  3. addy :) says:

    Thanks for the info 🙂 my parents have always told me the same things!
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  4. ahmad says:

    Ramadan Mubarak……..
    thanks for the info……….

    @ batman, it doesn’t need proving, medicine proves it ask doctors & they will say that too… it relaxes the stomach.
    actually fasting is in all religions, not only islam…. the other prophets did it, just the months or day was different….
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  5. Great I have read your article and by the way I found you website on AOL and I think after I read somepost on you website especially this one I have my own comment about what should I say on the next meeting with my friends, maybe next week I will tell my friendsabout this one and get debate.

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