25 Responses to “The Drugs Song – Amateur Transplants”

  1. sethhollie says:

    !:15 is the whole …
    !:15 is the whole reason i watched this video

  2. Splurglie says:

    To …

    To scare people with Hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia away from drugs.

  3. najodleglejszy says:

    heyyyy, I used to …
    heyyyy, I used to take Zyrtec! <3

  4. shellademareegdvful says:

    Meet hot sexy …
    Meet hot sexy Latino women now ** sarafox.info **

  5. yellowfang8 says:

    Why the are …
    Why the are the words so LONG?

  6. colemanrs4 says:

    She is lonely and …
    She is lonely and seeking a date *lushfmlk.info*

  7. Sadieapp says:

    love 0:50-0:52
    love 0:50-0:52

  8. OmishuKitsuni says:

    lol my chemistry …
    lol my chemistry teacher gave me a song with the elements today and i was like this sounds JUST LIKE the drug song by amateur transplants!! <3

  9. rsv1000tomzek says:

    Shocking lyrics 5*
    Shocking lyrics 5*

  10. Chibi12345678 says:

    They mention …
    They mention Lithium twice aaaahhh

  11. OhhMiiGowdz says:

    They said Lithium …
    They said Lithium twice D:

  12. milky4chris says:


  13. milky4chris says:

    @thebuttonmushroom …
    @thebuttonmushroom i watched it in GEOGRAPHY

  14. satanwilleatyursoul says:

    I need some of them …
    I need some of them there drugs. I tell ya, I got Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis

  15. charleychocolate says:

    thats flippen …
    thats flippen wicked!! loved it! x 🙂

  16. TheFoxFan says:

    love this and AT
    love this and AT

  17. ArchieMerringtonTV4U says:

    this is a parody of …
    this is a parody of the peroidical table song

  18. hunn2310 says:


  19. 100disturbedrule says:

    it sounds like one …
    it sounds like one of the assistants at my skool!!

  20. NurseBevable says:

    I’ve listened to …
    I’ve listened to this a jillion times! Love it!

  21. HilfMir55 says:

    dextromethorphan ?
    dextromethorphan ?

  22. 123Obsessive321 says:


  23. lexluces says:

    Some parmaceuticals …
    Some parmaceuticals operate incognito without paying government taxes and encourages children to become medical representatives — this is very alarming.

  24. mrjimmyos says:

    @thebuttonmushroom …
    @thebuttonmushroom People don’t associate it with :/

  25. Chief0Martini says:

    Where’s my Vicodin?!
    Where’s my Vicodin?!

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