25 Responses to “The Verve – The Drugs Don’t Work”

  1. kman87675700 says:

    @NZartfuldando ur …
    @NZartfuldando ur as polarized as tho ppl screaming that cannabis causs HIV, antisemitism, sodomy and is the work of satan. Furthermore a f**king R**tard you talk like weed has no negative repercussion at all. Those studies that show weed prevents cancer are a) non-existent and ur talking out ur or, b) not done by and accredited academic or medical facility. Ive smoked weed in the past and i attest to the fact that it probably should be legalized but there are many negitive repercussion

  2. 19jacobob93 says:

    @ …
    @pwn3dpwn3dpwn3dpwn3d hehehe

  3. NZartfuldando says:

    @hippeeful God …
    @hippeeful God you’re ignorant. It’s actually sad how misinformed people like you are because you’ll continue to spread the same bullshit about something you actually know nothing about. Cannabis absolutely does NOT cause mental retardation. Give me a link to a study proving that. I challenge you.

  4. sublime0115 says:

    i never see any …
    i never see any videos that glorify drinking alcohol filled with anti–drinking comments trying to make it illegal..think for yourself..dont let a bunch of suits who do not speak their true feelings decide for you

  5. hippeeful says:

    @NZartfuldando So …
    @NZartfuldando So becoming mentally retarded is a medical benefit?

  6. jeffdeanable says:

    Pretty depressing. …
    Pretty depressing. Poor, poor, pitiful soul. Boo-hoo. Gimme a break.

  7. Oriente7 says:

    @ …
    @pwn3dpwn3dpwn3dpwn3d Awww aww nasty. But true….

  8. pwn3dpwn3dpwn3dpwn3d says:

    vevo sucks crusty …
    vevo sucks crusty anus.

  9. A7XCellumATR says:

    @lolatmyaccounts i …
    @lolatmyaccounts i understand that may be a relation but the song is about drugs for him, he was depressed and suicidal back in ’95 as he explained that he knew they don’t work and they make him worse but he takes them out of boredom from depression :S

  10. blueberry41747 says:


  11. JVcrow44 says:

    Awesomy deep song.
    Awesomy deep song.

  12. dude335 says:


  13. annataria92 says:

    I have no idea what …
    I have no idea what this song is about and I don’t want to, because what I do know is that, no matter how many times I hear it, it just kills me…….one of the few songs that is so sad but so beautiful at the same time that it just uplifts you.

  14. saturdaybullshit says:

    Juste “Wow”, c’est …
    Juste “Wow”, c’est le mot !

  15. MothRoom says:



    When its found advance, I wont do chemo, I will just do morphine. Chemo is sitting there feeling useless, empty purposeless, knowing you may not live; sitting there for hours with a tube injecting poison in your arm, giving you pain. You can’t tell if it’s the cancer or chemo that’s killing ya, and so you just keep on the chemo and have a prolong throe; no hair, no movement.

  16. MothRoom says:


    pot …

    pot is harmless, unless you mix it. It’s illegal for business reasons in most countries. Cigarretts are worse.

  17. Mr3interista says:


  18. lonestar2779 says:

    The exact meaning …
    The exact meaning of the song is unclear, but it is generally believed that composer Richard Ashcroft wrote the song in response to the death of his father ,and is also thought to be influenced by his relationship with his wife

  19. Loftyrat says:

    Weed doesnt kill . …
    Weed doesnt kill . . .
    Na its the cancer that kills ya.

    And its not even that I dont like drugs. Im an avid pot smoker but I also know the harm it can cause.

  20. Dogonribs says:

    “Like a cat in a …
    “Like a cat in a bag, waiting to drown”… This is such an amazing verse, not even W. Blake could have come up with such a beautiful and tragic image… Pure poetry.

  21. piratearmstrong99 says:

    2.42 when it goes …
    2.42 when it goes black and white in colour its best part

  22. HamesEroo7 says:

    My best friend was …
    My best friend was diagnosed with cancer & in 6 months the drugs just made him worse & I wish that I can see his face just one more time

  23. mashedpottyhead says:

    How Beautiful is …
    How Beautiful is this song…
    On day like this I wish they did though.
    Dedicated to all people that are labelled and all those that aren’t.

  24. weedmuffins says:

    i vape …

    i vape my weed.
    weed cant kill me
    you mad bro?

  25. cavjock07 says:

    wow. that”s all I …
    wow. that”s all I can say.

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