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  1. Bel D says:

    do you think the laws for smokers are fair?
    We have government funded facilities for drug addicts and alcoholics, but nothing available for smokers. The laws have made it difficult for smokers, no public smoking allowed almost every where, including central park now. Now i hear on the news that A hospital wont hire anyone who who smokes, apparently smoke stays on a smokers clothes and hair and can still be dangerous to people smelling a smoker.
    I can understand peoples regard to ones own health, but this is extreme! What will be next? All I’m saying is that they dont see that if we go that route, then everything is dangerous to our health and all needs to be put a stop to. The air that we breath, the foods we eat, anything and almost everything is bad for us, so why pick on the smokers, lets see facility to help them to quit smoking, lets make medications in helping them quit affordable, most long time smokers would love to quit. Should we not help them ? I think we are angering the smokers and that will cause many to say forget it, I wont let them make me quit. Give smokers support and understanding, they will be more likely want to do so.

  2. georgiegirl422 says:

    i think is something is legally available for an adult person to do that they should not be descriminated against for choosing to do it. I think the laws have become controlling and extreme, and I’m not even a smoker.
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  3. Okazaki Krebs says:

    Think about the nature of smoking, you’re essentially paying for something that has no benefit to you, is a pain for anyone near you, and quite frankly, is entirely pointless. Its borderline retarded, addiction or not. I think any restrictions made on smokers are justified, perhaps it may push them to quit.
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  4. maybell says:

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  5. You Need Me! says:

    They don’t want smokers to quit. It’s all talk. If that big fat cash cow where to dry up, half the States would go broke.
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  6. Daliah says:

    im an ex smoker and there is nothing worse than walking down the street and some rude person in front of you is smoking. it makes me feel quezy so imagine how it would make my babies feel. they should just stop selling them all together!!
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  7. MissPride says:

    I’m grateful to hear of the hospital ban. I hate not being able to avoid second-hand smoke in certain places, and the smell is rather repulsive coming off of someone nearby. Being able to avoid the scent of cigarette smoke along with the particles that are clinging to the clothes along with the scent sounds terrific, particularly while in a hospital.
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  8. Another Crone says:

    The thing about smoking is that it directly harms others. Not passively or incidentally like drugs or alcohol might, but directly and by extension. It stinks in a way that no smoker can possibly admit. It lingers on everyone else’s hair and clothing and lungs and living space. And it’s been publicly "outed" for 40 years. That’s two generations. I don’t think it should be made illegal and I think that a business should have the right to allow it if they want to.

    Used to be that businesses didn’t want the legal interference because they believed it would derogatorily effect their bottom line. What has been proved over time is that removing cigarette smoking from most public places actually improves their bottom line. Big surprise. Still true.

    People who quit smoking get headaches. And bad moods. And have temper tantrums. But quitting doesn’t endanger their lives. Cold turkey with alcohol and with some drugs can be life threatening. Very big difference.
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  9. Audra Faye says:

    Because cigarette smoke stinks! I can’t stand to be around people who smoke. I find smokers to be selfish as well. When I went with my smoker cousin across state I was 3 months pregnant and she refused to roll down her car windows, she whined that it the air hurt her ears! Never once did she care about the baby I was carrying! My grandma who is also a smoker is slowly killing my grandpa and herself. She goes into the other room but you can still smell it. My former friend smoked through out her whole pregnancy and now her baby has health problems! When I go out to eat, I want to enjoy my food, not smell stinky smoke and have it in my hair and clothes.

    I’m all for helping smokers, but most of them just slip back into their old habits.
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  10. Chris says:

    There are plenty of resources available for people to quit smoking, you don’t see alchohol patches or alchohol gum, do you? These restrictions are fair, why should I as a non-smoker have to be subjected to smoke filled with the same crap you put in your lungs? By smoking in public, you put others at risk for lung cancer as well as yourself. We already have plenty of resources for smokers, and while I agree many of these are somewhat expensive, so are most prescriptions in that case. Smoking laws protect the general populace from diseases associated with second hand smoke, and in many cases actually motivate smokers to quit more. In the long and short term, these laws help everybody.
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  11. blondy says:

    i smoke and the laws are not gonna make me quit i wish i could but its really hard right now and i do think the laws about smoking are fair because think about everybody else who doesntt smoke, their breathing it jus like you said and it gets every were.
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  12. sonofsam says:

    I wish that they would stop making The damn things ! I don’t feel that smoking is retarded because that person who says something like that most likely has their on sick habits that are going to help take them away from here prematurely too . In American we seem to pick our Poison by the age of 25 .Some of us eat ourselves to death .Some of us party ourselves to death with alcohol or chasing the opposite sex. The point that I am trying to make is just because you think that your self destructive habit is not as bad as someone else doesn’t put you into position to say weather or not their habit is any more retarded than YOURS ? .People who don’t smoke can smell it on you .If you work in a office it makes it worst.Some smokers will smoke in the car while driving with others who don’t smoke .None smokers should never have to smell that second hand smoke in an in closed car. If you smoke you need to be considerate of others .They do have some medications that are suppose to help you stop if that is what you want to do.If you just have to smoke do it at home with your morning coffee and do it is an open area so that it will not be in your cloths. If you can’t smoke at work they are doing you a favor ,think of the money you ‘ll save . Cigarettes are higher than gasoline ! Don’t let this get to you,if you want to smoke that is your business but don’t get upset at others who don’t want to smell it .We all know about other pollutions in the food and water and some will say I may have to breath this polluted air or eat this processed food but I am not going to add cigarettes smoke on top of everything else and they have a right to feel that way .Remember that if you want to quit you can and it won’t be easy but you can do it if you really want to . We all are responsible for cleaning up our own little nasty habits even if no one lends a hand . I hope this helps !Good Luck !
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  13. stinky says:

    More states need total public smoking bans. When I travel to other states, it’s like going back in time. I’m in favor of a complete ban on tobacco production. Those farmers need to grow something else.
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  14. ornery and mean says:

    I am a smoker that has an extreme reaction to an ingredient used in most perfumes.

    So, basically I have a problem. I can not attend any function where people might indulge in the use of perfumes to extreme (no church, no formal events (dances, etc), funerals (except my own), no theater, no movies, travel by public transportation might be a problem (commercial aircraft, buses (including charter), trains, etc) … but if I light up a smoke in a bar it’s a "federal offense"? WTF!

    Since I know of my sensitivity to perfumes … I avoid situations where that might be a problem! I have never seen my children in a school play, I could not be in the room when they graduated … I could not breathe good for days after giving my daughter away at her wedding (HEY, it was important that I was there … and I’ll suffer again this year when my younger daughter gets married … GLADLY!). People think I am anti-social … but I like people! If I could breathe in a room full of perfumes, aftershaves, and other manufactured scents I would be at more events!

    If the current rules for smokers are "fair" … they should be imposed on the users of manufactured fragrances!

    Seriously … I don’t get any warning about public events where perfumes are going to be present … so I avoid them all! How about this … Require all public places to post a sign indicating their policy on smoking at all entrances to the business. Here are some examples.

    "Smoking permitted throughout the premises, no non smoking area available"

    "Smoking permitted in some designated areas, non smoking areas available on request"

    "No smoking on the premises, violators subject to removal"

    Heck, at least you would have more warning than I have!
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    Been suffering because of the "fragrant people" for more than 40 years … been smoking for 20. Y’all stop using perfumes in public, I’ll stop smoking in public … Fair is fair!

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