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  1. amylc06 says:

    I need health insurance for my baby when she is born. Where is the best and cheapest place to look?
    I am already coverd by my employer, they do not offer to pay for my child and I am not qualified for state assistance. I am 30 weeks and I am worried that my child will not have coverage when she is born and I will not be able to afford medical help. I dont even know where to begin.

  2. OnThisPage says:

    You can get medicaid for her. Ask hospital how.
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  3. Heather Y says:

    Our family is on the BlueShield NowSelect Plan. Doctor co-pay is $25, it covers all vaccinations, and costs about $40 per month for each kid. You have 30 days from birth to start the plan for your baby and it will retroactively cover from birth.
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  4. ♠Jacksons Mommy♠ says:

    What state are you in? You need to look into getting your baby CHIP. It’s cheaper health care for people that either can’t get it through their work or can’t afford getting it from a third party without help. I know you *think* you can’t afford medical help, but CHIP will take your income limits and you will either have to pay little or nothing for healthcare. As far as I know, they can’t deny someone’s child medical insurance, but you may have to end up paying something if you make a little more than the average person. If you look up on Google "CHIP in _____" and put your state in the blank part, it should come up with the CHIP/healthcare programs they offer in your state. That’s what I did and it worked.
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  5. LaRae L says:

    check to see if your state has insurance for mid-income families. california has healthy families for those that don’t qualify for no cost medi-cal(medicaid). just pay a monthly fee which is $15 for me and a $5 copay. go to wherever you would apply for medicaid, food stamps, whatever it is and ask to speak to a worker to see if they have anything available like that. or search for your state website and see if your state provides anything like that.
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  6. Jessica says:

    deff. look into medicaid.. (state insurance) I don’t think they can deny your baby… children need insurance. and it’s horrible how your work will not add your child on.
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    mother of 4month old, son on medicaid

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