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  1. choclabs3 says:

    @edmontonguy so …
    @edmontonguy so you didn’t actually watch this video – where did this man go to SAVE HIS LIFE???

    USA. Many, many canadians DIE waiting for care – that is a fact. Rankings are so subjective as in who cares. I KNOW I get the best care in the world!!


    canadian doc “want to see doc – no problem – need MRI – No problem – just wait IN LINE FOR SIX MONTHS or 23 hours for hospital bed!!
    There are “no other hospitals to send the patients to” so sad..

  2. choclabs3 says:

    Here is a short …
    Here is a short course about HC in USA – FREE care to undocumented, illegal aliens! So, for you “canadians’ talking about how uncaring the US system is – LOOK AT THIS:


    Under YOUR system, this guy and many canadians DIE WAITING for the “FREE” care – not in the USA.

    How sad for you socialized system and you poor people.

  3. mellbell304 says:

    screww the …
    screww the canadiansss.
    they cant do crap they are pussys.
    there military sux ass.

  4. yogashot says:

    yea it works…..i …
    yea it works…..i am a canuk and none of my friends are bankrupt or left pennieless from health issues

  5. etano1 says:

    @yogashot there are …
    @yogashot there are exceptions… .. depends on various factors but OBVIOUSLY the system doesn’t work! duh!

  6. yogashot says:

    not true my mom …
    not true my mom and dad both had cancer and both got optimal care both still living and both have great doctors!!

  7. professorofliberty says:

    You’re putting …
    You’re putting words in my mouth. I did undergrad and grad work at those schools, among others, but have never taught at either. I’m an adjunct prof now at 2 private colleges, was tenured at 2 state schools, and do guest lecturing around the country. Mainly teach Econ, Market Econ, Public Relations, Critical Thinking, and Media Relations.

    Glad to see we’re catching a good number of the criminals our open borders and disposable wealth attract…wish we could execute them and save a few bucks.

  8. edmontonguy says:

    @SparwoodApple Get …
    @SparwoodApple Get ready for a long wait if you are wait. The good ‘professor’ doesn’t seem to respond with references or to much of anything that doesn’t fit his personal ideologies. Look back about a month ago in the thread. He consistently looks, well, let’s just say he doesn’t look like much of a professor of anything but nonsense.

  9. edmontonguy says:

    @professorofliberty …
    @professorofliberty oh, and just a question. You have said you’re a professor of economics and your employers are The U of Puget Sound and the U of Washington but there are no names which appear on both faculty lists? Are you really a professor?

    Oh, and some good news! I found something that the United States is the very best in the world. Your incarceration rate is #1! That’s per capita which means you lock-up more of your citizens then Russia, China, and Iran. So much for liberty, huh?

  10. edmontonguy says:

    @professorofliberty …
    @professorofliberty lol, wow…I knew you guys needed some work, but doing a little Googling, look what I found.

    ‘The Economist’s’ ranking of the most livable cities in the world has Vancouver (Canadian) at number one and two other Canadian cities in the top 10. The first American city is Pittsburgh (no rank indicated). US life expectancy ranks 50th (50th!) as per the CIA World Fact Book (Canada is 8th). Infant mortality in the States, you are 33. I say again – you lag the rest of the world.

  11. edmontonguy says:

    @professorofliberty …
    @professorofliberty yes, it lags the rest of the world. You do know what standard of living refers to don’t you? The Human Development Index (put our by the UN), which was designed to address the fact that prosperity is not only tied to economics, but also to things like education, knowledge and literacy, standard of living, life expectancy. Well, you’re far from #1. In fact, there are a number of socialist countries ahead of you. Canada is #4. The US is #13. Evil socialist Norway is #1.

  12. professorofliberty says:

    Good lord…you …
    Good lord…you have shown yourself to be either an idiot…or that you’ve been living in a box for the last two hundred years. How can I even begin to chat logically with someone who believes such total and complete drivel.

    The standard of living in the US lags the rest of the world? Free markets don’t “work”? Who do you think pulled your sorry out of the stone age…please pull your head out of 100 year old Marxist rhetoric and check out reality…then again, maybe you’re pulling my leg.

  13. edmontonguy says:

    @professorofliberty …
    @professorofliberty if you think my mind is set in concrete you are wrong. I am able to admit when I am wrong and when I formulate an opinion on a subject, I tend to look for the burden of proof. The US is consistently behind the rest of world when it comes to the rest of the developed world when it comes to standard of living…and often in the name of capitalism. You guys still use the imperial system for Christ’s sakes. Public healthcare is best. As demonstrated by the developed world.

  14. edmontonguy says:

    @professorofliberty …
    @professorofliberty you know what? I haven’t read it. Your system was and is quite broken though and I have a hard time believing that sweeping reform – even if it isn’t perfect – could possibly be worse than what you were living under before.

    I don’t get angry about US healthcare because, as a Canadian, it does not affect me. I believe you may be projecting somewhat if you think I’m angry. If I am rude, it is because I have little tolerance for the inflexibility and stupidity of the right.

  15. professorofliberty says:

    I don’t “troll” …
    I don’t “troll” against socialism, or any form of statism, no matter the label.

    Honestly; you’re mind is set in concrete…you have no intention of reading the US bill…obviously…parrot the “official” line of the simple…and wouldn’t know a rational argument if you tripped over it…your concept of a well formulated proof is to get angry, call others names, hide behind your ignorance and false sense of self importance, and plant your feet more firmly in fantasy land. You flunk.

  16. professorofliberty says:

    Ouch; you still …
    Ouch; you still haven’t read the thing. The US bill is a bureaucratic morass that doesn’t begin to resemble Canada’s system. Yours is about health care…this is not.

    The main issue; it cannot be 100% implemented…possibly 10% will be, which is not unusual for US bills in that 300 plus every year are simply allowed to be put on the shelf…they exist but are never put into play.

    The problem; full implementation would cost more than the taxable amount of US GDP, so it’s literally impossible.

  17. edmontonguy says:

    Haha, I almost hope …
    Haha, I almost hope you people vote Palin so you would see how backward you really are.

    You guys should change the name of your movement to ‘Rupert Murdoch’s Free-Tards’. I love how you fundamentalists are actually scaring people away from your ideas with your extremism and are essentially going to hurt your candidates chances come the mid-term elections.

    Oh yeah, enjoy your new healthcare system and enjoy marijuana legalization…and gay marriage;which will be coming to you soon.

  18. edmontonguy says:

    Enjoy your new …
    Enjoy your new healthcare system 🙂 Trust me, you’ll learn to love it just like us up here in Canada. Maybe when you realize it isn’t so bad you’ll turn off Fox News and start thinking for yourself.

  19. edmontonguy says:

    Don’t even bother …
    Don’t even bother arguing with “professor”ofliberty. I fed him fact after fact on here a while ago and he couldn’t even come close to a rational argument. There is no way this guy is a professor unless it is some jerkwater community college. He has his mind made up and is pretty much trolling against socialism without understanding it and what Canada is really is. Just a tea partying free-tard. Hit view all comments and search for ‘Edmontonguy’ and take a look at our argument. It’s a joke.

  20. Alcan196 says:

    Canada ranked 30th …
    Canada ranked 30th in the world for health care. USA ranked 37th. That’s all the information u need.

  21. ilovesmusic1 says:

    PEOPLE IN CANADO DO COMPLAIN!!! I know ppl from there that hate the fact that we now have this!

  22. TeaPartyPatroit says:

    The and …
    The and mexicans want a free ride in our society, on the backs of those (like myself) who are rich. Well, go to hell. White people are SICK and TIRED of paying for you stupid morons who don’t know how to stop breeding like aids infested rats and roaches!

  23. pattoncarter says:

    @leahartlee29 – …
    @leahartlee29 – They ARE complaining. Everything MAY be covered, but you have to wait forever to get it. If you had a brain tumor, would YOU want to wait 4 months to find out if it was malignant and then more months to TALK to a neurosurgeon BEFORE scheduling surgery?


    For that, the bleeding hearts have no real answer.

  24. leahartlee29 says:

    What a CROCK…if …
    What a CROCK…if it was really that bad in Canada, people would complain. They BRAG about their healthcare. What do you want uninsured people to do- pay hundereds a month for poor care like they do now? Die?? It is INSANE how the insurance lobbyists get these poor deluded and ignorant people to believe that healthcare is bad for you! STOP drinking the koolaid and get educated! Healthcare is a good thing! I work for the government and get the best, but not everyone is so lucky!

  25. stardustsara says:

    this person is too …
    this person is too ignorant to even rant. he should have not been allowed a response. what a jerk.

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