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  1. davidmesaaz says:

    @morganbesh A …
    @morganbesh A single payer health care system will be as good for the poor as a single payer public schools and as cost effective as a single payer department of defense.

  2. davidmesaaz says:

    @morganbesh A …
    @morganbesh A single payer health care system will be as good for the poor as a single payer public schools and as cost effective as a single payer department of defense.

  3. Gerkinstock says:

    Public Citizen is …
    Public Citizen is very much a left-wing group, and anyone who tries to claim otherwise is just being deceitful (I’m not pointing the finger at you here). That’s what BM does: he stacks his shows with guests he agrees with– meaning politically far to the Left– then claims objectivity, while slamming non-liberal media outlets that are no more biased than he is as Republican media machines. PC criticizes Republicans for being too right-wing and Democrats for not being left-wing enough.

  4. Gerkinstock says:

    @FWP1470… Good …
    @FWP1470… Good points. Moyers regularly stacks his show with left-wing guests then denounces any and all critics who claim his show is biased. Only in the world of Bill Moyers can The NY Times, N.O.W., Cornel West, Gary Dorrien, Selene Jones, The Center for Media and Democracy, Marcia Angell and The Nation be considered non-partisan and objective. He is an advocate, not a journalist. The only reason he is such a staunch critic of Fox News and talk radio is they don’t promote his biases.

  5. chisler000009 says:

    Thank God for Bill …
    Thank God for Bill Moyers. Anyone who would even be tolerant of a pig like Rick Scott should have their head checked. America needs the character of men like Bill Moyers whether they realize it or not

  6. iandmiller says:


    So you …

    So you are basing your accusations on Ad Hominem? If you can find one person advocating on any side of any argument that is politically impartial, please point them out. Also, to say that Public Citizen is a partisan group is incorrect. Public Citizen has always been nonpartisan and, in fact, has been highly critical of both major political parties.

  7. FWP1470 says:

    First – Moyers …
    First – Moyers attemp to discredit Rick Scott getting off Scott free is because Scott was found innocent of all corruption changes. Moyers fails to tell you that. Second- Moyers introduces is guests as nonpartisan which is one of his famous front lines to appear honest. Checking who his guests are and what they politically advocate will clearly tell you nothing could be further from the truth.

    Moyers can only attempt to appear to be truthful by lying to you.

  8. Poonard says:

    @jhlambe now we’re …
    @jhlambe now we’re talking!

  9. brandon71085 says:

    @ BlackaBeanJuice: …
    @ BlackaBeanJuice: Speaking of greed. Perhaps we can cut into the annual billions of corporate welfare?

  10. newsungod says:

    If Pres. Obama …
    If Pres. Obama hasn’t seen this program, he NEEDS to see it ASAP!!! Thank you Mr. Moyers for allowing Mr. Himmelstein and Mr. Wolfe to clarify for your viewers why we need universal health care NOW!!!

  11. SandCmpbll says:

    Hey BlackaBeanJuice …
    Hey BlackaBeanJuice:

    Massive FAIL

  12. SkylineToTheSeaAndMe says:

    Because he and …
    Because he and everyone else in Washington (including Obama) are paid off by the Health Insurance Industry as well as the Pharmaceutical Industry. If they don’t cowtow to these industry’s politcal agenda, they no longer get to suck on the corporate money teat.

  13. jhlambe says:

    How about we give …
    How about we give up two wars?!

  14. BlackaBeanJuice says:

    Free Health Care Is …
    Free Health Care Is Not Affordable I’d Rather Die Than To Have My Country Fall Into Poverty More.

    I Mean Universal Health Care Makes The Area or Country its At Poor. Since You Need Taxes To Full That Void Because Med Supplies Aren’t Free.

    Sure Some Have Been Able To Do This, But We as Americans Can’t. We Are To Greedy. Its Like That Story If You Give A Mouse A Cookie He’s Gonna To Need Some Milk.

    If You give Us Free Health Care We Will Need To Give Up Something Else To Support The Finances.

  15. hadenufnow says:

    Hey its people on …
    Hey its people on the LEFT that do not want blomacare.,..
    They say they do not want to make the elderly suffer with a HALF TRILLION in CUTS to MEDICARE blom is proposing in all three proposals…just for one thing..
    and they are totally against the “SPECIAL””DEAL with the UNION Cadillac 40% Exemption that gets passed onto the DEMS in HIGHER Premiums..
    It’s the DEMS that DO NOT WANT anything OBLUMMERCARE..
    It be POISON…
    Nobody wants it…

  16. cheezer57 says:

    Not enough people, …
    Not enough people, and that’s the shame of it…..And you’re correct, it hadn’t been given the hearing it deserves, in Congress….That’s because the Know-nothings, (on the right mostly) had no problem selling it as Socialism (With a capital “S”), as opposed to socialized medicine. Something every other Western free market system enjoys, with a lot less complaints than we have with our own, mostly privatized system…Insure our house and car, fine..Just not on decisions of our nations health.

  17. morganbesh says:

    Did the American …
    Did the American people really laugh off single payer? Single Payer does have a lot of support from the American people, and yet it has never been given a chance in congressional talks. Why is that? Why is it at the end the senator cannot even give a valid explanation of why single payer cannot pass?

  18. ldsmess says:

    Until there are not …
    Until there are not people like the president of IAG Insurance living in 50 room mansions whie people are turned down for treatments …. and every Tom DICK and Harry stop making money from health care, you Americans will never learn.


  19. cheezer57 says:

    Bingo , Morganbesh! …
    Bingo , Morganbesh!….I love smart people!….Isn’t it amazing that there are so many people, so ready to vilify the government, (not to say that they are perfect), but are freely willing to take whatever the Corporate Gods are handing out…..If it weren’t so sad, it would be laughable….They get things handed to them right from the horses mouth, (Wendell Potter) who, by all appearances, has no axe to grind, except to alert us all to the hypocrisy, and we still turn a deaf ear..Sad, very sad.

  20. morganbesh says:

    Do people realize …
    Do people realize what the private health insurance industry is all about? They market themselves as an industry out to help you when you get sick. But in all reality, they’re bottom line is to increase their multi-billion dollar profits and deny you coverage when your expenses are taking a toll on their corporate coffers. I guess only when millions of Americans more are becoming bankrupt, sick and being denied coverage, will they learn that the private health insurance industry needs to go.

  21. cheezer57 says:

    Ha!….Just came …
    Ha!….Just came over the wires!….Wellpoint is raising their premiums 39% out in Cali….39%!!!!
    It’s STARTING!…….Get ready fools!……More to come!…..They got us all by the short ones. ….It’s what we deserve, since we laughed off single payer…..Republicans, and conservative Dems. (Really Repubs, in sheeps clothing) are total and utter MORONS!

  22. hadenufnow says:

    hey ducky dude,,

    hey ducky dude,,
    the people wid all da money already ditched it and laid off all da workers soze no slimy hands can git to it…all this debatin jus gabe the pubnlicans all da time they needed to ditch da wads…so git over it man..& git a job…

  23. cheezer57 says:

    There has not been …
    There has not been one red cent of new taxes under Obama; so you can stop that nonsense here….He is just eliminating the Bush tax cuts (To the wealthiest Americans) that has put us in this mess, in the first place…With those tax cuts we could not pay for the 2 wars, or anything else because of that moron…How could you listen to what these guys are saying, and still come away begging for more from the Insurance industry…Are you a masochist ?

  24. duck24x says:

    EVERYONE who votes …
    EVERYONE who votes for Democrats and Republicans should be DENIED MEDICAL CARE, to punish them for the misery and slavery that they have caused: for lowering the quality of life for the rest of us! That is the ONLY way we can force Greens, Socialists, Communists, Independents and Libertarians onto ballots and into legislature and win true democracy.

  25. peymaania says:

    Does Self Medicate …
    Does Self Medicate = Smoking Pot???
    Just curious??? If so, please stop, since
    Weed can lead to Alzheimer’s disease and Dementia!

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