25 Responses to “Congressman Mike Rogers’ opening statement on Health Care reform in Washington D.C.”

  1. steviebkhall says:

    what a dildo.
    what a dildo.

  2. agua197575 says:

    LOL. No, but you do …
    LOL. No, but you do make two weak people who are equal in strength.I guess Lincoln, as with most politicians didn’t realize the contradiction in this statement when he advocated the later that “all men are created equal.” Abandon the principles of America?Which principles is he referring too?Are they the ones that Corporations use to lobby the government to create policies that serve their interests B4 the people? 85% of Americans?You mean the one’s that have employers who pay part of the costs?

  3. boredomstryks says:

    Those that think …
    Those that think this is all crap, you haven’t bothered to read the law. Shame on you for not educating yourself before you post such attacks.

  4. sladge11 says:

    He took a shitload …
    He took a shitload of payola from special interests lol.

  5. btwolfe22 says:

    Typical Republican. …
    Typical Republican. A total fabrication and distortion of the truth.

  6. SlighBaby says:

    Politicians arent …
    Politicians arent smart they are just people with educated opinions. People like Einstien, Hawkins, and a MIT student are smart. Obama cant do a scientist job but a scientist can easily do obama’s job.

  7. LLdub63 says:


  8. DaTrollBasher says:

    Not …

    Not even Ron or Rand can do it.

  9. mrsparex says:

    The feds even pick …
    The feds even pick the windows you put in your house now….

  10. BeantownJim says:

    @DaTrollBasher Ron …
    @DaTrollBasher Ron Paul 2012

  11. onesmartgal says:



    “Fact of the matter is, Not one republican would defeat Obama if election were held today. ” Right on…not even close and of course they have no candidate ( a little thing like that)! LOL, they are like Rumplestiltskin stamping their little bitty feet in temper tantrums. Gotta have pity on ’em, they got nuthin!

  12. DaTrollBasher says:

    hahah …

    hahah that’s funny

  13. DaTrollBasher says:

    @djar63 Fact of …
    @djar63 Fact of the matter is, Not one republican would defeat Obama if election were held today.

  14. MrFFSMAN says:

    where the is …
    where the is that DEA agent?

  15. tarraraeside98 says:

    hui am really …
    hui am really lonely any guys want to cam let me know

  16. TheFatalitubby says:

    CAPTAIN PLANET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. djar63 says:

    Now that Obamacare …
    Now that Obamacare could possibly cause the country to go bankrupt, and cost people millions, in a speech at Carnegie Mellon U, Obama said, and I quote, (The only way the country will ever transition to clean energy is if the private sector has to pay a price for carbon pollution). That means we will pay through the nose to heat our homes, electricity, gas in your car etc, if the law passes. Always thinking about us, isn’t he?

  18. djar63 says:

    I left something …
    I left something for you to attack, Did you find It? LOL

  19. djar63 says:

    Correction on Polls …
    Correction on Polls; Obama’s approval rating. Rasmussen Poll “The republican one someone suggested” Obama 46% The Gallup poll, 49%, not 53% as someone stated. It’s troubling to keep having to correct liberals. This is why they have to attack. They can’t digest accurate information. It does something to their brain. Facts and logic is a liberals nightmare.

  20. djar63 says:

    I love playing with …
    I love playing with liberials, their so easy! You can make them do what ever you want when ever you want!

  21. djar63 says:

    Attack, attack, …
    Attack, attack, attack. That’s all liberals can do. Look for an opening and attack. LIBERAISM IS A MENTAL DESORDER! They just don’t know it. They miss the message and look for a way to attack. Some liberals have to attack, becase they don’t have the intellect to address the issues.. Pretty sad, but evident! SEE IF YOU CAN FIND THE MISS SPELLED WORD!

  22. LALakersfan10 says:


    You …

    You sound confused! If we had this health care plan in place…your mom could have afforded HC ins. There would have been no excluding her for “pre-existing” contion, nor would they raise her rates because she was so ill, they would not have called trmt experimental, nor would they drop her cuz she cost them too much.

  23. klote2314 says:

    all i gotta say is …
    all i gotta say is
    sorry mom even tho they hade the treatment we could no afford it and our insurance wouldent pay
    so now you are most certanly going to die

    now thx to this health care bill people can actually pay
    and dont give me that earned bull just being born should be enough to earn health care!!

  24. gcwagoner says:

    Awesome !!!

    Awesome !!!
    Love the straight talk.

  25. onesmartgal says:

    It is amazing the …
    It is amazing the degree of “ignorance” seen by pple making comments, like the one about being in “rears”. It is “arrears” for God’s sake. Don’t most of us know all this stuff by 5th grade? The state of education in the US is truly abysmal!
    Definition of arrears An unpaid, overdue debt or an unfulfilled obligation. 2. The state of being behind in fulfilling obligations: an account in arrears. …

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