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  1. yearofthecockrecords says:

    Where can I find info on LOW COST Medical Insurance In Central NY? (Student Artist Musician Business Owner)?
    My wife and I are moving soon from PHX, AZ to the greater Syracuse area. I am moving my multimedia business / record label (websites, print design, videography, DVD production and studio recording) and I need information on which companies can provide my family reasonable cost heath insurance. Right now my wife works fulltime so we use her benefits, but we will be starting a family and would like to keep her at home for a few years. In PHX, health insurance for non-group individuals runs about $300 a month – from what I can see in CNY it can cost closer to $1000! Can some one help me with this? Am I looking at the wrong companies or is it just that mush more expensive? Are any loop holes? In some states Students, Artist, Musicians & Small Business Owners can get highly discounted rates – is this true in CNY? Can anyone help? Thanks in advance!

  2. edm2000eclipse says:

    you should see if you qualify for state health care. i live in california and i’m a business owner and personally i couldn’t find anything under about 220 a month. i can’t afford that so we got on medi-cal and have a share of cost which means that if we use it, we pay a co-pay but we do not pay anything monthly. it really helps if you have kids, like us. the kids have free coverage. anyway get in contact with social services, they will be able to help if you want to try that route.
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