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  1. BernBabyBern says:

    Which health insurance company is the best?
    Hi, i am disabled but no eligible for my states medicade program. I am applying for SSD but it will most likely take several years and I am not sure that you even get medicare right away even when you do win your case. In any case I cant wait that long to get medical help, so I need to purchase private health insurance. I did look at a website that gives quotes and compares national health insurance companies and I want to go with a EPO instead of an HMO for sure but I dont know which one would necessarily be th best to go with.

    Which companies are more likely to approve something like Gastric bypass surgery?

    Which has a good variety in choice of specialist especially in the Neurolgy and Orthopedic, and mental Health fields?

    Which one is worth the money you pay for it as far as providing adequate coverage for the almost 500 a month it costs to have it and doesnt charge huge co pay or deductibles?

    I am really confused and lost when it comes to choosing which health insurance provider to go with and that is ifI can even find a way to manage to afford it.

    The site i visited offered plans from: Horizon, Oxford, and Amerihealth

  2. Lesedii says:

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  3. rosieC says:

    Since you’re disabled; you can obtain Medicare after 6 months. Part A is for Hospitalizations and it’s always free. Part B is for medical coverage or Dr andit’s not free.

    When I applied SSDI for my disability ; it only took 6 months
    WE had a hearing. I didn’t get a lawyer.

    There are numerous health insurance companies. Aetna, Blue Cross/ Blue Shield; Cigna Humana; Assurant and of course the HMO’s.

    HMO of which Kaiser is one has a multidisciplinary specialist in their staff. However, kaiser requires inclusion in the Medicare Program before you can enroll in their program.

    The other day, I saw on TV; they advertised for only $6.00 a day for health insurance. This even include Dental Care.
    You should check into that.

    If you’re a Vet; you can get medical care from an VA hospital.

    Most health insurance companies will not cover gastric bypass surgery unless the procedure is determined to be necessary because of a LIFE-THREATENING WEIGHT problem.

    Does your health insurance cover Gastric Bypass Insurance? People considering gastric bypass surgery usually want to know one thing: Will my insurance carrier pay for the procedure? The answer is yes, if you know how to ask.

    Primarily, it must be deemed “medically necessary” for you to receive pre-authorization for treatment, if the benefit is offered at all. However. the company will not pay for the skin to be extra loose skin to be removed.

    Certain criteria have to be made before health insurance companies will approve Gastric Bypass surgery: Morbid obesity:Duration X5 yrs. A psychological/psychiatric evaluation Body mass index (BMI)* of 40 or greater than 35 .

    The following company will cover gastric bypass surgery:
    Blue Cross Blue Shield, Aetna,Great WESt Health Care; One Health Plan; Unicare ; First Health; PPO;
    References :
    professional nurse

  4. Trent says:

    http://healthinsuranceconnection.info/ has a form where you put in your information and they show all the top companies and rates for them.
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