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  1. Kathleen K says:

    COBRA Health Insurance Florida?
    Where can I find a cheaper health insurance plan to replace my COBRA health insurance offered by my former employer?

  2. mbrcatz says:

    You go to a local, independent agent, and ask them to find you a policy. The premiums will be based on your age and health. IF you’re healthy and under 40, and not overweight, likely a private policy will cost you significantly less than the COBRA. If you have stuff wrong with you, though, most private insurance companies will either jack up the rates, or refuse to cover you.
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  3. Thomas J says:

    You can find and compare affordable insurance options online at sites that represent multiple providers like http://www.humanatampa.com .You would be real surprised to find out how many affordable Health Insurance alternatives there are to COBRA here in Florida.
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  4. Insurance Pickle.com says:

    You can use the tool on the home page of my web site. Click on the pickle and it’ll quote everything available in FL.

    It requires no personal information to use.
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