25 Responses to “Franken Talks Down Angry Mob”

  1. Jazzman001x says:

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHALOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL…..Bullshit Franken opens his piehle again ahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  2. Jazzman001x says:

    First …

    First off ..I`m not conservative………I`m independant……unlike you Sheeple.I watched the facts the other night on Franken-steins speech and it was pathetic and weak….and said absolutely nothing of any substance…..oh wait…your president does the same thing.

    Facts……they are all over the networks and I`ll bet you get your news from CNN ( Comedy News Network)

  3. juvserr says:

    @Jazzman001x the …
    @Jazzman001x the only reason people are laughing is because they are shocked that Franken was too smart to take their bait – the first women asks a loaded question, and franken disarms her with common sense and civility – that’s why they’re ‘laughing’ – because they’re confused why he’s not falling for their crap – god bless al, we need 99 more senators just like him..

  4. missymcr1 says:

    I love you Al. …
    I love you Al. Wish we had you down here in this red state!

  5. missymcr1 says:



    Jizzman, did you have something substantial to say? LOL

  6. nafaidni says:

    The most …
    The most brainwashed of the bunch are conservatives, by far. Carrying signs they are told to carry by their corporate funders, who get it from a few political strategists. Chanting terms they can’t understand. Trying to stand in the shoes of famous individuals who would never want their kind to even stand near them.

    And regurgitating insults given out by Mark Levin, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, and others too idiotic to get a good education.

  7. nafaidni says:



    Hahaha, it’s funny to see conservatives throw out bullshit terms which they are too feeble minded to support with evidence or complement with substance.

    Logical thinking and conviction for equity and unilateral prosperity is the liberal mind. The conservative mind is one advocating conflict, hierarchy, inequality, and selective prosperity at the expense of widespread suffering. Always has been, and still is, as you can see Republicans filibustering unemployment benefits.

  8. fredriknorand says:

    Can’t be easy for …
    Can’t be easy for Franken, who is intellegent, to talk to these kickers. They don’t understand that things can be done better in other countries !

  9. Jazzman001x says:

    again, …

    again, you are brainwashed, left wing looney, libbertard…….ruled by emotion, not logic……..keep dreaming….you`ll wake up to the real world someday!!!

  10. nafaidni says:

    Right. Delusional …
    Right. Delusional conservatives are quite funny. The only people we’re laughing at is 51-cards-short-of-a-deck Sharron Angle who’s going to get her handed to her by Harry Reid, and Sarah Falin’.

  11. AlexanderHvass says:

    Haha how classic, …
    Haha how classic, the tea party guy in blue shirt`s only question: “Is that where they have so many immigrants?” I love the enthusiams of tea party members. Theyre like loud cavemen, angry at something, they just dont know what.

  12. Jazzman001x says:

    you`re …

    you`re wrong brainwashed libbertards like yourself are too blind to see eveybody is laughing

  13. nafaidni says:


    No …

    No one’s laughing, actually. Just brainless hyenas like yourself and other Republicans.

  14. chearn73 says:

    Man, I love this …
    Man, I love this guy.

  15. Jazzman001x says:

    LOLOL hey Minnesota …
    LOLOL hey Minnesota…how`s this idiot (Franken) working out for you?
    You do realize that you are the laughing stock of this country right?
    I have 3,000 voter ballots for the other guy I found in the trunk of my car…can we have a recount?.hahahahahahahahahahahahahahhaha

  16. Hammerbone says:

    Myopic Mind facing …
    Myopic Mind facing the big dose of reality.

    Thanks Al, please keep informing the masses.

  17. mpaulino says:

    @stuntbaby63 FOX …
    @stuntbaby63 FOX lied 10 years ago when it reported that George W Bush won the recount in Florida…problem is, this was BEFORE the recount was even done. Granted, other stations also reported it, but that was AFTER Fox put it out there. The lie they tell every day, that they are ‘Fair and Balanced’, when they obviously are not. As for individual lies, most of what they do, though not the strict Dictionary definition of lying, I consider it so because of the level of manipulation and deception

  18. mpaulino says:

    @stuntbaby63 My …
    @stuntbaby63 My statement that you lied was when I thought you were attacking me for something..honestly,the reasons slip my mind right now, so I’ll just say it was nothing and apologize for the accusation.As for FOX, they have plenty of lies on record.Like I said before,most of their line up consists of opinion personalities as opposed to actual journalists or news shows and ALL of these pundits swing right And the few news shows they do have, well their feelings on Obama are very thinly veiled

  19. mofoul says:

    @mofoul tired of …
    @mofoul tired of obamas sour lies visit lemonparty. org

  20. mofoul says:


  21. stuntbaby63 says:

    @mpaulino No need …
    @mpaulino No need for apologies. You’ve already given my plenty of your time, which is appreciated. As for your gracious offer to answer any of my particular questions, there are two that come to mind. The first is with regards to your charge that I lied to you. I really want to set the record straight on that score. How did I lie? I reread our posts and I couldn’t figure out what you were referring to. The second is your charge that Fox News lies all the time. Can you name one? Thanks.

  22. migo53333 says:

    @Weasler455 its …
    @Weasler455 its understandable…. you will never understand unless u stop hating and open your mind…….

  23. Weasler455 says:

    @migo53333 And you …
    @migo53333 And you are naive, as well as hateful. But I have
    no more time for you. Farewell.

  24. Weasler455 says:

    @imover18gotityube …
    @imover18gotityube That’s YOUR problem.

  25. Weasler455 says:

    @migo53333 Arts? …
    @migo53333 Arts? That’s not health care. And you still did not
    answer my question about percentages. BTW, I’m sure you
    understand that he probably did that to keep the IRS off his
    ass, don’t you? Charitable deductions.

    As for your comments about conservatives, someday you
    might grow up and realize how dumb you sound. On this
    board, for instance, I cannot get over the incredibly hateful
    comments coming from liberals – the very same people who
    scream about “hate crimes” ; go figure.

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