25 Responses to “Health Insurance- Billy Mays- iCan Commercial”

  1. Supersecretfilms says:

    Im Tired of them …
    Im Tired of them taking off the BEST commercials in the world. (billy mays commercials) man that guy was the coolest ever

  2. andama says:

    Stop yelling at me …
    Stop yelling at me fat ass

  3. spartanwarrior46 says:


  4. roundedhalo says:

    ican, sponsored by …
    ican, sponsored by apple.

  5. legomasterv1 says:

    even if you’ve been …
    even if you’ve been turned on the floor?

  6. SoulfulBrutha5805 says:

    Amazing. I’ve used …
    Amazing. I’ve used Transcribe Audio on lots of vids and this has been the most accurate I’ve ever seen. Thus is the power of Billy Mays.

    Of course it still messed up every once in a while for pure hilarity…

    “…for Jews have him on your entire family”

    “The I Came group can help”

  7. nintenfreak14 says:

    I would tell them …
    I would tell them you sent me, Billy…IF U WASNT DEAD D:

  8. SandstonRedneck2 says:

    I think Obama never …
    I think Obama never heard of this his Health Care is more expensive than this

  9. unclefestus says:

    So do …

    So do I. I now watch this and sing along for some reason. That was a catchy tune.

  10. Paulisdead18 says:

    If he was till …
    If he was till around, this commercial would save the economy.

  11. KirupinKitty says:

    you just gotta love …
    you just gotta love his screaming xP
    RIP billy mays 🙁

  12. Dmasterman says:

    His pitches usually …
    His pitches usually rhyme.

  13. OniLink10 says:

    How ironic that he …
    How ironic that he didn’t purchase his own important product.

  14. CubeCraft says:

    This is ironic and …
    This is ironic and sad. RIP Sir Billy Mays :/

  15. NLhardcorebobNL says:

    I can haz insuruns?
    I can haz insuruns?

  16. hsiewayn says:

    hmm does he have …
    hmm does he have insurance?

  17. quitejaded says:

    @soundsofsil3nce …
    @soundsofsil3nce LOL! Go ahead and sing along with the video. You will find that you can make great harmonies with him haha

  18. soundsofsil3nce says:

    Haha yeah I like …
    Haha yeah I like hear it playing in my head

  19. quitejaded says:

    Whenever I watch …
    Whenever I watch this, I cn only think about the auto tuned version of this lol

  20. drago433 says:

    wow its so amazing …
    wow its so amazing now you can spend more than 20 hours a day in your bathroom! Thanks billy!


  21. Miamidfinsfan1326 says:


  22. patyak55 says:

    I’m not talking …
    I’m not talking on BIlly Mays, I love the guy!

    I’m talking to ac5600

  23. sethnayle123 says:


  24. sethnayle123 says:

    Dude he died leave …
    Dude he died leave him alone…

  25. patyak55 says:

    Fuck off. What …
    off. What country do you think spends the billions of dollars to create new medical advancements that countries with universal health care can’t afford? Once they change it and its and your paying out the to get low quality service and pay for thousands of illegal immigrants maybe you’ll get a clue.

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