3 Responses to “Health insurance company is asking my health records before making a decision. Is it good to give consent?”

  1. allalala says:

    Ask them what they will do with the information completely, record the conversation, and if you feel like they sold it, bring your tape to court. (If they lied to u).

    Anyway in the netherlands we are all insured, I think you will be all insured aswell, and wont be declined in 4 years.

    You wait 4 years or just give it to them.
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  2. Chipaps says:

    I haven’t heard about world health insurance but I saw a site that may shed some light on the issue on divulging your health records. You see, as it is stated there, "The extent of privacy protection given to your medical information often depends on where the records are located and the purpose for which the information was compiled." So, basically, privacy may vary on a case-to-case basis.

    To see more, try looking at http://www.privacyrights.org/fs/fs8-med.htm for more details on privacy matters.

    Also, if you’re not sure if you would like to comply with that health insurance company that you have, why not try http://georgiaehealthquotes.com/ and check out their offers on their applications for major health insurance carriers that it carries so you can do some comparisons.
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  3. Carlos says:

    You will always have some check on your MIB when you apply for major medical coverage, World Insurance is legit, actually it is pretty standard to ask for health records for the individual market however if you would rather keep that private and you have every right to do so, there are some simplified issue products from carriers like Assurant or Coventry who have plans where they will "take your word for it" and not request any information and therefore keep your data confidential. Feel free to visit our website and consult with our staff to help you further.
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