23 Responses to “Health “Insurance Jive”: Do you speak insurance?”

  1. psychosolodiver says:

    Get the government, …
    Get the government, lawyers and lobbyists out of healthcare, and it would become much cheaper. Universal care is a form of Communism.

  2. ImABigOlNurse says:

    Yes, it’s that FREE …
    Yes, it’s that FREE e-book Dr. Dean of The Millionaire Nurse is giving away right now on his website (at least he was this morning when I downloaded it). It was $47 but he said he’d give it away for FREE for a few days. You might want to grab your copy if its still on his website. It’s seriously the best FREE nursing financial advice I’ve read. Anyway, I hope this helps you. Go to the website themillionairenurse

  3. worldfreenow100 says:

    lets stop these …
    lets stop these private insurances. Health Care for all, please support universal care!!

    Check out my video: to with private health insurance.

    peace to all

  4. SweetLittleSong says:

    I agree somewhat… …
    I agree somewhat…but if you look at other countries where women have no rights, genocides are going on, and children die of starvation every day, then I think America is great place to live. If you do not have pride in your country, then how can you help to fix it?

  5. Vampyrkat says:

    Hey wait a second.. …
    Hey wait a second…. The Americans are a great people, they love their country and their freedom. Too bad their country does very little for them, in comparison with other super power countries. What exactly do American’s brag about? Freedom? Free to die? Psssh not even in America do we have that right.

    Just in case i cause any patriots to fire back at me, I too am American and I say we are arrogant, blind and stupid. Healthcare shouldn’t be a luxury.

  6. deuxstepper says:

    What he’s really …
    What he’s really trying to say is he wants Aetna’s CEO to continue to rake in $11,538/hr (based on 2008 compensation) while denying coverage to the average American working stiff. Great system, no?

  7. gnormb says:

    Wow, a “retroactive …
    Wow, a “retroactive and perpetual recision of all benefits…” would be hilarious if it weren’t so scary and real…

  8. exbronco1980 says:

    most americans like …
    most americans like it this way

  9. mfranck1 says:

    No, to be a member …
    No, to be a member of certain health insurers, it is mandated that you WAIVE THE RIGHT to the judicial process. (aka Kaiser Permanente) People are so DESPERATE for health care that often they have no choice (well… I guess they COULD choose to die early) but to sign such asinine agreements. This should be ILLEGAL. It’s blackmail in my opinion. And I am still shocked the the US government allows such a criminal waiving of rights. Shame Shame Shame!

  10. aleksapovseksa says:

    Ban the hate; vote …
    Ban the hate; vote “NO!” on Prop 8!!

  11. Dpaladinx says:

    See, this is what …
    See, this is what happens when you vote Republican, and if you go to Canada or Japan, they don’t face anything like this, because they are covered by the government. That’s why I trying to call for universal health care. Even if you are covered, the insurance companies have a lot of power. In other words, they have the right to terminate your coverage and it’s legal. This is what I mean by being denied health care. Health insurance companies care about money, not the patients and the sick.

  12. 2indulgent says:

    BUT WAIT! You can …
    BUT WAIT! You can always fight the insurance company in court! Of course having a deadly disease can tend to distract one from a time consuming court battle. And of course you’ll desperately need your life savings for early treatment since the for-profit insurance company just decided its profits are more important than your life, so coming up with the funds to hire a lawyer to go against the insurance company’s tam of attorneys will be hard. At least vote against the Republicans before you die.

  13. SoINeedAName48 says:

    Shorter Insurance …
    Shorter Insurance Exec:
    Even though you’ve paid thousands and thousands of dollars each year in premiums and are on your deathbed – don’t think for a minute that it doesn’t mean we still can’t screw you over royally.

    I am aware of all insurance traditions.

  14. TheFrankFactor says:

    “Cutty say he can’t …
    “Cutty say he can’t hang.”

  15. yt5454 says:

    This is what you …
    This is what you get when you vote republican.

  16. CindyPDX says:

    Thank you for …
    Thank you for sharing this video and to BETH BRODERICK! Our family can totally relate to it!

  17. NotSoOldHippy says:

    “This fowl racken’ …
    “This fowl racken’ me to the bone. Tight me!”

    LOL! God damned corporate criminals, every one of them Republican piles of treasonous shit.

  18. rickjacobs says:

    Congratulations to …
    Congratulations to Beth and Shaun Kadlec. Shaun wrote, directed and produced this ad in a matter of a few days.

  19. TheRagingCelt says:

    Terrific ad!
    Terrific ad!

  20. krxahal says:

    Hal – get your …
    Hal – get your facts straight before posting. Beth Broderick was Zelda not Hilda. Caroline Rhea portrayed Hilda.

  21. krxahal says:

    I like the use of …
    I like the use of Beth Broderick, aka Hilda Spellman, as the doctor. She has a great voice.

  22. mw232mw says:

    This ad is right on …
    This ad is right on target, they’ve got all this legal mumbo jumbo no one can understand when you’re filling out their numerous forms. Its all used to deny you care when you need it most.

  23. montereyan says:

    Clever use of the ” …
    Clever use of the “I speak jive” bit from Airplane!

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