11 Responses to “Health Insurance Woes”

  1. bigpencap says:

    those bastards they …
    those bastards they should burn in the health insurance company”

  2. chizzy555 says:

    btw im canadian, im …
    btw im canadian, im getting a rhinoseptoplasty operation in april (however u spell it) and its all free to me for medical reasons.. if it work in canada itll work in usa, its pretty much a system that can be handed down to usa on a gold platter but they still refuse to accept it, i feel sorry for americans.

  3. foopie29 says:

    thanks cbs news!
    thanks cbs news!

  4. maheshrajannan says:

    He should have gone …
    He should have gone to India it would have costed him a grand total of $6000…Doctors are a much bigger problem in US than insurance and pharmaceutical companies….When will the news agencies ask the right question..how come it costs $205,000 for a 6 hr operation and may be 100 hrs of hospitilization….

  5. BongRips29 says:

    Arrr mateys,

    Can …
    Arrr mateys,

    Can you guess a pirates three fav. letters?


    Why, it’s the three Arrrrrrrs!

    Redemption, Redeem, Remember

    Arrrrr mateys….Arrrrr

    Our planet is in need of a little responsibility lesson. Can anyone think of one?

  6. beancube2010 says:

    We all know who is …
    We all know who is going to win. This is a sure win lottery for the insurance companies, not us. We need to create a sure win lottery for us. We want Public Option.

  7. mercedescl says:

    No. Lottery, at …
    No. Lottery, at least, you have a slim chance of a payout. Insurance companies will do anything to stop any payout.

  8. chizzy555 says:

    a lot of things …
    a lot of things like that is pretty much like paying into a lottery, only some people win

  9. guillermo316 says:

    out off state, …
    out off state, these people are sick, they are insurence! this isnt like like he had the surgery in mexico, these people need to realize that they arent immortal. there are some crazy people.

  10. guillermo316 says:

    insurance abuse, …
    insurance abuse, why woulndt evil people do it, they have the money to buy it off.

  11. envy227 says:

    first comment yA!
    first comment yA!

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