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  1. Nupiyo says:

    first it takes two …
    first it takes two to debate so its done when you dont want to type no more.

    second i did not want you to participate in it. i was not even talking to you when i came here you just jumped in. if you want to stop by all means do so. i will not lose any sleep.

    third i dont want anything. you proved that when facts are brought in front of you you just ignore them. like you keep going on about paying for health insurance. your to dumb to have a logical talk with so now i am just having fun.

  2. sandio713 says:

    @Nupiyo I we …
    @Nupiyo I we finally done with the debate that you so badly wanted me to participate in?

  3. sandio713 says:

    @Nupiyo I have read …
    @Nupiyo I have read all of yr rhetoric and don’t happen to agree with you. What else do you want?

  4. sandio713 says:

    @Nupiyo Look, my …
    @Nupiyo Look, my obligation is to my family, as should be yrs. I am willing to do what I have to do to take care of them. And, I’m not going to do anything to risk the great medical care and insurance that I have worked for to provide to them. It’s NOT my responsibility to take care of you and your family; that’s yr job! I have found what works best for me and my family and I suggest you do the same thing for yourself, vice waiting for the gvt to find a half baked way of providing it for u.

  5. Nupiyo says:

    and btw its hard to …
    and btw its hard to really argue facts when you dont even read what the other person says. so really you just like to hear yourself talk.

  6. Nupiyo says:

    then you dont like …
    then you dont like debating because you see your way as the only “logical” way and anyone who says different is selfishly looking for a free ride or some other bs you tell yourself even if they say otherwise. and you did offer up facts and i argued them while when i bring up facts you just totally overlook them. like you say we will go broke but when i say other country’s have done it you say nothing on it and just keep insulting or w/e. i suppose that is a good way to feel better i suppose.

  7. sandio713 says:

    I don’t mind …
    I don’t mind arugeing facts. Wht I don’t like is debating with ppl who refuse to look at logic. I pointed out at least 3 reasons y gvt t/o of HC is destined to fail. & it’s not smthng that I say w/o facts, it’s wht I have seen repeatidly w/my own I’s. & just b/c thy promise u a freebie, it’s not going to solve all yr probs. Once they start running out of money b/c of the abuse, they will start cutting your srvces. & I’m not willing to give up what I have now for that or contribute to it either.

  8. opAir01 says:



    nobody needs to tell me what is good for me i know what is good for myself thou. you dont need to be a rocket scientist to figure that out.

  9. Nupiyo says:

    typical. cant argue …
    typical. cant argue the facts so you resort to name calling like a kid. and even tho your to dumb to understand this ill tell you one last thing anyways. i dont even care if i get healthcare. its the other things that i want fixed so when i do get it i dont have to worry. because like i said. the price is the last thing people care about. and thats why you dont understand what this is all about. all you can think about is people getting something free and think thats wrong.

    ps learn to read.

  10. sandio713 says:

    @Nupiyo WTF r u …
    @Nupiyo WTF r u talking about? You’re the moron. And you wll never get it. Mainly b/c you’re desire to get a freebie overrides any other logic. So there’s no sense in having a conversation with you, b/c you don’t get it and are too numbsculled to learn. So go back to your cellar with all the other dumb mushrooms. You probably fit in very comfortably there.

  11. Nupiyo says:

    break even? HAHAHA. …
    break even? HAHAHA. you are a funny one. and as for bankrupt the country sounds like bs. most other country’s have hc and more. the government pays for college, home nursing for new mothers, pay leave for people who get hurt on the job, ect and they are not broke. some of them are doing even better then america right now.

  12. Nupiyo says:

    you dont even …
    you dont even understand what is in the bill. republicans do have ideas in it. they just tell you they dont so you can get more pissed. i think i am understanding what people mean my brainwashed now. believe anything your told. how sad.

  13. Nupiyo says:

    i want everyone to …
    i want everyone to see your post. you did not even read what i said right. your a good example of people that dont want hc reform. people with the reading lvl of a 5th grader. and just like the other guy you fail to understand that paying for coverage is one the LAST things people are concerned about. i love dumb people like you. to easy to prove wrong.

  14. sandio713 says:

    @StinkingHombre …
    @StinkingHombre Actually, I was born and raised in Albany, NY. I left there in 1980 and NEVER had a desire to go back. They have some really good ppl there, but many of them, mostly politicians, are NUTS! I just don’t see how working class ppl survive up there with the way the libs actually rape them of their money. How do you even survive there?

  15. StinkingHombre says:

    @opAir01 – No it …
    @opAir01 – No it isn’t, it’s about sucking up to whatever Obama wants. If you really wanted a bipartisan law passed you would draw up a actual bipartisan bill including Republican contributions to it instead of a unilateral Democratic pipe dream! In the end, you got snake eyes because 3 years isn’t enough time to see it implemented. Obama will be out of office in 3 years and the argument to repeal the law will begin immediately after it’s passed. The next President will but the Kibosh on it!

  16. StinkingHombre says:

    @sandio713 – Most …
    @sandio713 – Most of the here in NY think Che Guevara was some kind of Robin Hood type hero. The would gladly concede to Obama’s every wish!

  17. StinkingHombre says:

    @sandio713 – Nope, …
    @sandio713 – Nope, I live in the Peoples Republic of New York, sadly enough most of my fellow New Yorkers would jump at the chance to turn NY into the former USSR.

  18. sandio713 says:

    @StinkingHombre …
    @StinkingHombre You’re right about gvt HC never “seeing the light of day” one way or the other. I’ve already seen on the news where many states are already passing legeslation to opt out of it. And from what I saw, it was quite a few. Was your state one of them? I live in MS (an implant), and I know this state would never, ever willingly agree to socialized medecine.

  19. opAir01 says:



    you are off topic here. i dont care what they have or possessed though.

    the question here is how best to stop insurance companies from screwing the people alike – rich or poor.

  20. StinkingHombre says:

    @sandio713 – The …
    @sandio713 – The public option is a PIPE DREAM even if by some miracle Obama manages to get it passed. He is a one term President and there can be no doubts about that because Arizona isn’t going to let him on the ballet next time if he continues to refuse to produce a long form birth certificate. His health care plan even if passed will never see implementation and you can bet the ranch Republicans will begin to appeal it immediately. The next President will put the Kibosh on it!

  21. StinkingHombre says:

    @opAir01 – Did it …
    @opAir01 – Did it ever occur to you that some people have cell phones, cars, motorcycles, large screen televisions, houses and fancy apartments but still claim they can’t afford $150.00 a month for basic hospitalization? Before you start passing out a free health insurance you should see to it that the people really can’t afford it! They shouldn’t have any luxuries before they pay for their own health insurance!

  22. sandio713 says:

    @Nupiyo Yeah, but …
    @Nupiyo Yeah, but they have to, at least, break even. And NONE of them are even doing that. Btwn Unions and plain old mismanagement of funds, they are now unsustainable. And to add another program like HC (where ppl will naturally take advantage of it as any other free prgm), it will, no doubt, bankrupt the country. Not to mention, how long do you think it woud take for the gvt to run out of OPM? What happens then?

  23. StinkingHombre says:

    @Nupiyo – They …
    @Nupiyo – They wouldn’t be called “companies” if they where “non-profit organizations!” Damn, you’re dumb!

  24. StinkingHombre says:

    @opAir01 – I didn’t …
    @opAir01 – I didn’t say we didn’t need to reform the system but there are other ways to do it without socialism!

    I know the premiums go up, I have been paying for my own insurance for many years now and my premiums have doubled in the last 10 years alone!

    Basic hospitalization can be had here in NY for about $150.00 a month! If you are too cheap to cough up $150.00 a month for basic hospitalization you deserve to go broke when you get hospitalized.

  25. Nupiyo says:

    but why is that a …
    but why is that a surprise? do you think public transport is making a profit? do you think law enforcement is making a profit compared to how much the government puts into it? the point to these services is NOT to make money but to provide a service to the people in a positive way.

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