2 Responses to “How does health insurance work – when insurance premium can generally increase?”

  1. kimiko says:

    No. The premiums will not go up for that. Usually health insurance is up for renewal once a year and the cost increases at that time, but not just because you use your policy. The cost of group health insurance where I work has had double digit increases in the premiums every year for 10 years now. The health insurance companies are out of control.

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  2. NorthSee says:

    Group health insurance policies that are sold to employers are allowed to be "experience rated." This means that the experience or costs associated with the group for last year are a major factor in the premiums charged this year.

    However, this is different for policies that are sold to individuals and families. Unlike car insurance, your rates don’t go up when you file a claim. Your insurance company can’t raise your rates unless they raise the rates for those in your class (age, gender and other factors) in your geographic area (usually your state, county, or first 3 digits of your zip code).
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