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  1. Bob says:

    Where to Find Good Cheap Health Insurance Plan?
    Just looking for cheap health insurance plan.I need a good site for insurance that is really cheap.

  2. RobertLovesYou says:

    Based on my experience, americas health brokers can give you the best quotes to chose from, and from that, I was able to have that cheap health insurance plan for me and my family.
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  3. Philippine Traveler says:

    If you are planning to have the medical procedures done in the Philippines you may want to skip insurance. Surgery and drugs are very cheap here compared to America. I had a policy from Aetna for $ 3000.00. The deductable was $ 2500.00. I had major surgery in the Philippines two surgeons 8 hours of surgery. The surgery went very well and the doctors were great. The total cost was
    $ 6000.00 So with the cost of insurance for year and deductable you would be ahead by $ 500.00. Any year without surgery you would loose money.

    If you plan to have surgery in America and live in Philippines, you may want to check insurance that has medical evacuation, from the Philippines, to the USA.

    Prescription drugs in Philippines are cheaper than the copay in America.
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  4. Travis says:

    Try this site


    Here you can compare quotes from different companies
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  5. Eric says:

    Go to UP Diliman Infirmary. Then look for the office of UPHMO and apply to join. Monthly cost is just P155. This includes unlimited consultation with the doctors, emergency room procedures, 50% off on rooms, free x-ray, annual check-up, and surgery when needed. Of course, read the fine print first.
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    I’ve been a member for 7 years.

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