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  1. Insurancetips says:

    If you have two insurance one from work and the other is private, than you will not get the benefit for the same illness from both places – ie. supposing you have a bill of medicines of $100/- you will not be paid $100/- from both your employers insurance and your private insurance.
    You can claim for the benefits which the employee plan is not contributing to from your private plan or any amount that exceeds the employee limit from your private plan.

    Yes, you are paying higher amounts if you are paying for both the plans. Whether this is advisable can be said if you go to an agent or compare both the plans and find out what the differences are. Secondly you need to decide the coverages you need and than take a decision.
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  2. Cat says:

    I would suggest canceling the one insurance that does not cover the things you want. You will be paying twice as much and not getting twice the amount of coverage. Talk to your insurance representative to see which one they think will benefit you more.
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  3. Deb says:

    In most cases, you are paying too much for your coverage. You generally are best off just getting the bcbs plan from your employer. However, they can work together in some instances. If one is used as primary and then the other can pick up the co-pays at the doctor’s office and other things. I know one person who has a situation like this. However, this person has coverage from their own employer and their spouse’s employer. Their plan pays as primary, the other picks up everything except the annual deductible. Since the plans are written differently from each other, if they used the spouse’s plan as primary, then their own plan would pick up nothing as secondary. Since both plans are through the employers and that person has a lot of medical expenses, it saves money to have both plans on that one person. Since the spouse has few medical expenses, they only have one plan on that spouse. In most cases, your private medical insurance is going to cost you more to carry than the out-of-pocket maximum on the plan with the employer. In most cases, you would do well to carry only one plan.
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  4. said says:

    your anser here
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